Frequently Asked Questions for Artists

We know applying for the Lottery or Site-Specifics can be complicated. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and a Glossary of common terms that may help.

Glossary of Common Fringe Terms

Main Admin Contact (also called Participant) = The individual who applies to the festival and ultimately accepts a slot. They are considered the producer and will be the person that the festival communicates with directly.

Application Fee = The fee a participant pays to apply for the festival. Usually around $29.

Participation Fee = If drawn in the lottery or accepted into the Site-Specific Category, the fee the participant pays to produce work in the festival. Fee ranges between $550-$760.

Main Lottery = The lottery in which all standard categories are drawn, such as Ontario 60/90, National 60/90, International 60/90, Teen, Senior, Dance, KidsFest.

Culturally Diverse Artist Project (CDAP) Lottery = An additional lottery for people who identify as culturally and/or ethnoracially diverse, including: Indigenous, Metis, Inuit, Black, and People of Colour applicants.

Accessibility Lottery = An additional lottery for people who identify as Deaf, hard of hearing, Blind, low vision, sick, mad and/or persons with a disability.

Site-Specific Category = A bring-your-own venue category for individuals who want to produce a show in an accessible, non-conventional theatre space. It is not a lottery category, it is filled on a first-come, first-served basis and requires a more in depth application that is assessed by festival staff for viability of the venue and proposed production.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can my secondary contact be a contact for a different application?

Yes, the secondary contact is not limited to only being your secondary contact. Please note, this is someone who should be reachable and able to give information about the application/event should the Festival be unable to reach the Main Admin Contact with critical information for any reason.

Can I apply to more than one lottery?

You can only apply to only ONE category in the Main Lottery.

Can I begin filling out my application and not submit it right away?

Yes, your application will be saved. To ensure the autosave function is working, always be sure to click out of the answer field (anywhere else on the page that is not a button) and you should see the border of the answer box turn grey again. To come back to an application that you have started, go back to where you clicked Apply to Toronto Fringe and select “My event is already in Eventotron” to select your show title from the drop down.

We always recommend keeping a backup copy of your application answers in a separate document (Word doc or similar format) in case you need to refer to them at any later point.

I’ve used Eventotron before to apply to/participate in a Fringe Festival, but I cannot remember my password.

From the sign in page, click on “forgotten or missing password” to receive a new password link to your email. If you continue to have trouble, contact 

I don’t know what my show will be quite yet, do I need to commit to a title now?

You can change your show title if you are drawn in the lottery and offered a slot! You cannot at any point change the main admin contact, the secondary contact, or the company name.

I don’t have a company, or I don’t know what my company’s name will be.

You must have a company name to apply to the festival, and this name cannot change at any time thereafter. If you do not have a company already, you can create a name for your collective now.

I selected CREDIT CARD to pay for the application fee, and selected my card type, but I cannot enter my credit card information anywhere and cannot submit my application.

If the credit card payment fields and submit button do not appear after you’ve selected a PWYC amount, it means there is a required question on the application that has not been answered. Be sure to answer all questions that appear in RED. This includes checking off that you have read and agree to the terms of the applicant agreement.

I selected OTHER to pay for the application fee, but I cannot submit my application.

If the submit button does not appear after you’ve selected “pay by cheque”, it means there is a required question on the application that has not been answered. Be sure to answer all questions that appear in RED. This includes checking off that you have read and agree to the terms of the applicant agreement.

What is a Two Phase lottery draw?

Toronto Fringe commits to reserving at least 50% of available slots in each category for applicants who are Indigenous, Black or People of Colour (IBPOC). The two-phase lottery draw is a measure we are implementing to strengthen equity, diversity and inclusion at the Festival. 

When we hold the 2022 Lottery, each category's draw will have two phases: 

PHASE ONE:  Applicants who identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Colour will be entered into the draw exclusively for the first 50% of all available slots in the category. 

PHASE TWO:  Once at least 50% of total slots are filled by IBPOC applicants, or if no more IBPOC applicants remain to draw from (whichever occurs first), the remaining slots will be drawn from all applicants in the category. 

The Main Admin Contact is considered the individual applying who must identify as IBPOC for the application to be included in the first drawing phase. We strongly encourage that applicants who select this also commit to at least half or more of their creative and performance team identifying as IBPOC as well.  

How will COVID affect the 2022 Fringe Festival?

To view the complete Toronto Fringe COVID policy, click here. 

The festival parameters are subject to change based on bylaw and recommendation changes from our provincial or municipal governments about gatherings and live events.