How to Fringe

"Fringing" is for everyone who comes out to the festival. It's about discovering and experiencing something new. 

Since 1989, “Fringers” have been inventing new and creative ways to Fringe in Toronto. Some take a week off work and see 5 shows a day. Some devote a weekend to KidsFest with their families. Others wait all year to see what the hidden gems will be. Regardless of your Fringe style, welcome to the festival!

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My advice? Talk to people – you’ll get great advice by just striking up a conversation with your fellow Fringers

Fringe veteran, Derrick Chua

Important Reminders

Better safe than sorry:

If you feel unwell at all, please contact our Patron Services team before the performance begins to exchange or refund your ticket at no extra cost. Tickets exchanged for a different production will incur a $2 exchange fee. 


Set your clock to Eastern Daylight Time.

There may be no late call:

Shows may not offer latecomer admission, so be sure to check the show webpage ahead of time and aim to be 15 minutes early. Toronto aka always plan for traffic.

How To Fringe Respectfully

Want to take your Fringing to the next Level?