CAFF & World Fringe

  • CAFF logo, reads "fringe festivals" surrounded by rainbow ribbons

    Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF)

    The Toronto Fringe is proud to be a member of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF). Like all CAFF festivals we follow five guiding principles:

    1. Participants will be selected on a non-juried basis, through a first-come, first served process, a lottery, or other method approved by the Association.

    2. The audience must have the option to pay a ticket price, 100% of which goes directly to the artists.

    3. Fringe Festival producers have no control over the artistic content of each performance.  The artistic freedom of the participants is unrestrained.

    4. Festivals must provide an easily accessible opportunity for all audiences and all artists to participate in Fringe Festivals.

    5. Festivals will promote and model inclusivity, diversity and multiculturalism, and will endeavor to incorporate them into all aspects of our organizations.

  • World Fringe in yellow letters in a pink speech bubble

    World Fringe

    In addition to being part of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals, Toronto Fringe is also part of a worldwide network of Fringe Festivals, called World Fringe. World Fringe is a movement, a network, and an international community of theatre-makers and lovers.