There are Many Ways to Support Fringe this Winter

With the sun setting early each day, we are in the darkest time of a dark year, but we are all in it together. Toronto Fringe is a registered charity and not-for-profit that, like so many other arts and culture organizations, is aiming to maintain our operations through the pandemic so that we can help artists and audiences return to the stage when it is safe to do so. Your donation helps us to keep our lights on so that we can be a hopeful light in the darkness for our community, and continue to support the indie artists whose careers have been hardest hit by the pandemic.
If you would like to make a larger gift to support a specific Fringe program, such as the CDAP and Access Lotteries, the TENT program, or our youth initiatives, please contact Development Manager Morgan Norwich at

Another way to support Toronto Fringe is by buying a Membership to the Next Stage Community Booster. Learn more.

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Find information about our support levels here.

You may also donate on our Canada Helps page, but we prefer to take donations via our own system above. Thank you. 

A video featuring well-known Fringe alumni.