help us rebuild after the pandemic

If you're here on our website, you likely already know the importance of this organization. We are a platform, a beginning, a place where those who might not get the chance to otherwise tell their story can do exactly that in a safe and affordable way. You have perhaps made a choice to support the Fringe in the past (buying a ticket, tipping the Fringe) because you recognized the value of what we do.

There is talk in the performing arts community of a reckoning: companies closing permanently, people losing not only their jobs but their careers. Many organizations have survived thus far because of emergency government support but we know this won’t last forever.

As we look to rebuild after the wreckage of this pandemic, we look to you, our supporters, our champions, the folks that "get it," that recognize that art starts here. That all the shows we’ve been watching on Netflix this past year started with indie artists taking a chance. The Fringe is responsible for the beginning of so many careers and we continue to be a launch pad. But we need your support – more than ever – and we need it as soon as possible. Not when lockdown ends, not when you’ve had your vaccine, not when theatres re-open. The time is now. And we mean it when we say that every little bit counts. Any amount you can contribute in these difficult times will be used wisely, to continue to nurture and support and provide access for indie artists and arts workers in our community and beyond.

Thank you for your support of the Fringe. If you would like to learn more about what we've been up to during this unprecedented year, please take a look at our Annual Report here


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You may also donate on our Canada Helps page, but we prefer to take donations via our own system above. Thank you. 

A video featuring well-known Fringe alumni.

The Toronto Fringe has always been a launchpad for Canada's up-and-coming talent, giving artists the chance to take big risks that lead to big payoffs. Here are just some of the success stories of nationally and internationally renowned artists whose careers Started At The Fringe. Your donation to the Fringe provides a platform for creative risk and innovation. When the Fringe is thriving, indie artists are thriving.