Awards & Contests

Patrons' Picks

The winners of Patrons' Picks represent the best selling show at each main venue. They are announced at the Awards Ceremony in the final week of the festival. Winning shows are awarded with an extra performance on closing night of the festival. 

The 2022 winners were announced at our Awards Ceremony at PS: Patio at The Tranzac on Friday, July 15: 6pm - 8pm. See the 2022 schedule for Patrons' Picks.

Tosho Cutting Edge Award

Show winner: 9428
Patron winner: @ThemarjoOon

Want to vote for the most cutting edge show in the festival? Fringers can vote on Twitter on Thursday, July 14th between 8am and 7pm by tweeting with the hashtags #TOSHOCuttingEdge & #FringeTO - telling us what show you are voting for and why! Both you AND the show will be entered to win a prize from Tosho Knife Arts.


Comedy Bar and Second City Award for Outstanding Comedy

Ensemble winner: Gay For Pay With Blake And Clay.
Solo Winner: The Chels Stands Alone.

The funniest shows in the festival. Two shows will be selected for various performances in the fall selected by representatives from both Second City and Comedy Bar.  


David Seguin Memorial Award for Accessibility in the Arts


Flowers for Alex – by Diamond Heart Productions
Don Valley Girls: A Sketch Comedy Revue – by Poetic License Creations
Back and Forth: The Musical – by Nightjan Productions
An Evening with Devon & Jackie – by Devon & Jackie
NeverWonder: The Musical – Phat Tracks Productions
Bruno & Hogginfritz – by Figurehead Theatre Company
Birdseed Confidential – by July 19th Productions

The Seguin family is proud to sponsor the David Seguin Memorial Award for Accessibility in the Arts, a cash grant that celebrates the work of artists with disabilities. This award is given to a Toronto Fringe Festival production that features the work of an artist or artists with a disability.
This year, in recognition of the extra challenges faced by creating theatre during a pandemic, the DSMA will be divided among eligible participants, to support the continued work of these artists.


north (519) Best of Fringe (Orangeville)

winners: John Who & The Chels Stands Alone

Theatre Orangeville will present the North(519) Best of Fringe Festival as part of their Summer Arts Fest, which runs from August 10-14, 2022. Winners will receive an opportunity for up to 2 performance opportunities at Theatre Orangeville.