Toronto Fringe Festival

We can't wait until the 31st Toronto Fringe Festival, taking place July 3-14, 2019. See you there!

Inspired by the worldwide fringe movement, Toronto Fringe was founded by a cluster of local indie artists in 1989 to offer the “fringes” of the performing arts community a platform to create art at a grassroots level. It’s theatre by the people, for the people.

Since then, the Toronto Fringe Festival has become the largest theatre festival in Ontario, showcasing 150+ productions every July at 30+ venues around downtown Toronto. But throughout its three decades of growth, Fringe has kept the indie, grassroots spirit alive. Fringe keeps ticket prices lower than any other arts festival in the city, at $13, because we believe everyone should be able to afford to see theatre.

Want to apply to the Fringe Festival?

Applications for the 2019 Fringe Fesetival are now closed. Applications for the 2020 Fringe Festival will open in fall of 2019.

If you would like to propose an installation or activation at POSTSCRIPT, the Patio at Toronto Fringe, please view the application form here.

a video about the toronto fringe

It's hands-down the most exciting 12 days of summer.

Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

Why is Fringe different?

In line with all other Fringe Festivals in Canada, the Toronto Fringe Festival believes:

  1. Performing artists in Canada should be supported - that’s why we return 100% of the net box office revenue to Fringe artists.
  2. Every voice has a right to be heard - that’s why we program the festival not by a jury of professionals, but by drawing names from a lottery each fall.
  3. Theatre should be surprising, risky, unconventional, fun and never boring - that’s why we don't interfere in the art on our stages.
Benjamin and Melissa pose for the camera in graffiti alley.
Photo by Tanja-Tiziana