Toronto Fringe Festival

the 2022 toronto fringe festival will run July 6-17, 2022.

The 2022 Festival will take place across up to 13 indoor theatre venues in Toronto, ON.


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About Fringe - when it's not a pandemic:

Each July, the Toronto Fringe Festival welcomes approximately 140 companies from around Canada and the world to our 30+ theatre venues in downtown Toronto. Over the course of 12 days, over 1,200 artists participate in performances across the city that include comedy, drama, musicals, improvisation, storytelling, children’s theatre, dance and much more.

During the Fringe Festival, there is also daily free programming at POSTSCRIPT, Fringe’s pop-up patio at Scadding Court. At POSTSCRIPT, audiences can grab a drink, some food, and experience the concerts, interactive performances, and dance parties that make it such a vibrant hub.

Fringe is unique because it is a non-juried festival, and holds an annual lottery to program the festival, selecting shows at random. Why does Fringe do this? Because we believe every voice has an equal right to be heard. It's not about who you know or how much you know - your project holds just as much weight in the Fringe Lottery as any other. When you produce a show at Fringe, you're joining a community – this isn’t simply a co-production agreement. If you are new to producing theatre, the dedicated staff will guide you through the process of putting on a Fringe show.


The Toronto Fringe Festival is run by the Toronto Fringe - a grassroots, charitable organization that also runs the Next Stage Theatre Festival each January, and various year-round programs that benefit youth, emerging artists, BIPOC artists, artists with disabilities, and the performing arts community at large. Embedded in Fringe’s operations are the values of Access, Accountability, Creativity, Exploration, and Support.

Toronto Fringe is a creative match-maker, connecting artists with audiences, and empowering everyone to unleash their artist within. Toronto Fringe creates vital opportunities for both emerging and established artists to produce their work with complete artistic freedom, while making productions as affordable and accessible as possible.


The Toronto Fringe is a non-juried festival, and holds a lottery to program the festival by selecting shows at random in a draw. This draw typically takes place in the late autumn. In line with all other Fringe Festivals in Canada, The Toronto Fringe does not evaluate the artistic merit of applicants, or the viability of the work – all applicants have the same chance of earning a show slot as the rest of their category. 


Because we, along with all other Canadian Fringe Festivals, believe that every voice has an equal right to be heard. It's not about who you know or how much you know. Your project holds just as much weight in the Fringe Lottery as anyone else's. The power of the Fringe Movement is that there are no gatekeepers. It's a platform for everyone to learn about and experiment with the arts.


ACCESS - in every sense of the word
ACCOUNTABILITY - we work with integrity and respect
CREATIVITY - freedom of expression permeates everything we do
EXPLORATION - we let curiosity be our guide
SUPPORT – empowering you to take a chance

Why is Fringe different?

In line with all other Fringe Festivals in Canada, the Toronto Fringe Festival believes:

  1. Performing artists in Canada should be supported - that’s why we return 100% of the net box office revenue to Fringe artists.
  2. Every voice has a right to be heard - that’s why we program the festival not by a jury of professionals, but by drawing names from a lottery each fall.
  3. Theatre should be surprising, risky, unconventional, fun and never boring - that’s why we don't interfere in the art on our stages.