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Toronto Fringe is a vibrant, open-concept office environment. We are located in the trendy Queen West area, we are open to flexible working hours, and we are tons of fun to work for!

Who you are

You are interested in working here because you a “festival person.” You get it. You get that it can be long hours but find the rush to the finish line rewarding and empowering. You’re looking for mentorship opportunities and a chance to grow into a career in the arts. You love theatre, or want to learn more about it.

The Toronto Fringe is committed to employment equity and diversity. We welcome and encourage applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of a selection process.

Check back here regularly, especially in the Spring and Fall for sessional contracts with the Fringe Festival and the Next Stage Theatre Festival.

Job Postings

T.E.N.T. Program Director

Job Title:  T.E.N.T. Program Director

Reports to:  Executive Director

Direct Reports:  N/A

Department:  All

Hours:   Part Time (Office is open 9.30 – 5.30pm Monday – Friday)
1-year contract with expectation of approximately 100 hours per month
$20,000 p/a

Location:  Fringe Office and workshop space TBD

Application Deadline: Tuesday September 2

Interview Dates:  Week of Monday September 9

Start Date:  Monday September 23

How to apply: Please submit CV and cover letter as PDF files. Please email them to with the Job Title as your subject line.

Organization Description: Toronto Fringe is a grassroots, charitable organization that runs the Toronto Fringe Festival each July, the Next Stage Theatre Festival each January, and various year-round programs that benefit youth, artists, and the theatre community at large. We are a creative match-maker, connecting artists with audiences, and empowering everyone to unleash their inner artist. We create opportunities for both emerging and established artists to produce their work with artistic freedom, while engaging members of the community by making productions as affordable and accessible as possible.

The Toronto Fringe is an organization that is inclusive and accessible and all of our programming reflects this principle. We ensure that we produce well-marketed, well-organized and fiscally stable events through which artists may develop and produce new work. In our festivals, participants have a reasonable opportunity to earn back their investment and compensate themselves for their work. The Fringe also provides audiences with the opportunity to experience a wide variety of quality theatre at an affordable price. We are proud members of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF) and World Fringe. More information here.

Organization Mission: The Toronto Fringe is a platform for everyone to access, discover, and experiment with the arts. By valuing creative experiences, we contribute to a healthy arts economy and, ultimately, a thriving society.

Organization Values: 
ACCESS - in every sense of the word
ACCOUNTABILITY - we work with integrity and respect
CREATIVITY - freedom of expression permeates everything we do
EXPLORATION - we let curiosity be our guide
SUPPORT – empowering you to take a chance

Main Purpose of the Position: The T.E.N.T. Program Director ensures the planning, programming, implementation and overall smooth running of the T.E.N.T. (Theatre Entrepreneurs Network & Training) Program during the Toronto Fringe Festival, as well as managing various year long activities as related to our project with Sheridan College, School of Humanities & Creativity.

The dates of the 2020 T.E.N.T. Program coincide with the 2020 Fringe Festival, July 1-12.

Key Accountabilities:
• Updating outreach database and deepening relationships with the community
• Creating and disseminating the call for T.E.N.T. 2020 participants (launching in March 2020)
• Tracking and managing the intake, interview and acceptance process of all artists for T.E.N.T. 2020
• Work with Sheridan college to build a solid foundation for T.E.N.T.'s future
• Independently creating the day-by-day schedule for participants for the 12-day program
• Researching, liaising with and hiring appropriate workshop leaders and mentors for the program
• Managing all administrative duties, such as room bookings, paperwork, etc.
• Managing all communication with participants, instructors, mentors, and other involved artists
• Keeping Fringe staff members informed of all major developments in the program
• With Executive Director, manage the budget for the program
• Creating the T.E.N.T. handbook for participants
• Attending all T.E.N.T. sessions and meetings, acting as a mentor/guide to all members of the program
• Attending shows with T.E.N.T. participants, assisting Fringe box office in placing group ticket bookings
• On-site and available to T.E.N.T. participants during each day of the festival
• Tracking and organizing all contacts and documents, submitting a report at the end of contract
• Artistic lead on T.E.N.T. performance project, if applicable
• Require travel to Oakville and Mississauga to attend meetings with collaborators at Sheridan College (transportation will be provided where possible)

Additional Accountabilities:
• Make proposals to improve the T.E.N.T. Program based on up-to-date research and industry standards.
• Expanding and deepening relationships with diverse and low-income communities
• Creating a lasting framework for new elements of the program, such as the bursary program
• Dialoguing with leading outreach/youth advocates in the city to cross-pollinate ideas and share resources

Key Skills:
• Detail oriented
• Highly motivated
• Good organization
• Excellent written and verbal communication
• Well developed inter-personal skills
• Computer skills (i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Wordpress, Outlook, Google Documents, Google Calendar and Google Spreadsheets)
• Ability to multi-task
• Thrive in a busy work environment
• Ability to work independently and collaborate with team members
Additional Skills:
• A “festival person”
• Interest in and strong connection to the Toronto, Ontario, and Canadian theatre ecology