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Staff positions for the 2024 Toronto Fringe Festival will be listed here between January and May 2024 as applications open.

Check back often for more details, and make sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter for all hiring announcements. 

Toronto Fringe is dedicated to building an organization that reflects the communities we serve, as well as actively working on dismantling systems of oppression and centring care in our work. We actively encourage and prioritize applications from equity-deserving groups. Equity-deserving groups can include those who identify as Indigenous, Black, People of Colour, Trans, Nonbinary, Queer, Disabled, and intersections of those identities.

Festival Volunteer Coordinator

Job Title: Festival Volunteer Coordinator

Organization: Toronto Fringe, includes sub-contract with SummerWorks

Reports to: Managing Director, Toronto Fringe. Coordinates for sub-contract with Managing Director of SummerWorks

Direct Reports: Assistant Volunteer Coordinator(s) as required

Projects: Toronto Fringe Festival, Next Stage Festival, SummerWorks Performance Festival (subcontract)

Hours: Part Time Contract, April-October 2024 (hours per month varies, increases up to and during each Festival)

Festival Dates:

  • Toronto Fringe Festival July 3-14, 2024
  • SummerWorks Performance Festival, August 1-11, 2024
  • Next Stage Festival, October 16-27, 2024

Compensation: $9500 CAD

Location: Remote/ Fringe Office and Festival Sites (all downtown Toronto)

Application Deadline: March 8, 2024

Start Date: April 1, 2024


Toronto Fringe

Toronto Fringe is a grassroots, charitable organization that runs the Toronto Fringe Festival each July, the Next Stage Theatre Festival each October, and various year-round programs that benefit youth, artists, and the theatre community at large. We are a creative match-maker, connecting artists with audiences, and empowering everyone to unleash their inner artist. We create opportunities for both emerging and established artists to produce their work with artistic freedom, while engaging members of the community by making productions as affordable and accessible as possible.

The Toronto Fringe is an organization that is inclusive and accessible and all of our programming reflects this principle. We ensure that we produce well-marketed, well-organized and fiscally stable events through which artists may develop and produce new work. In our festivals, participants have a reasonable opportunity to earn back their investment and compensate themselves for their work. The Fringe also provides audiences with the opportunity to experience a wide variety of quality theatre at an affordable price. We are proud members of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF) and World Fringe. More information here.

Organization Mission and Values

The Toronto Fringe is a platform for everyone to access, discover, and experiment with the arts. By
valuing creative experiences, we contribute to a healthy arts economy and, ultimately, a thriving

ACCESS - in every sense of the word
ACCOUNTABILITY - we work with integrity and respect
CREATIVITY - freedom of expression permeates everything we do
EXPLORATION - we let curiosity be our guide
SUPPORT – empowering you to take a chance


SummerWorks is a leader, collaborator, and community builder at the forefront of contemporary performance – asking crucial questions; nurturing artistic innovation; and presenting new works that reflect the complexity and diversity of our society. Anchored by our curated annual SummerWorks Performance Festival in August, SummerWorks supports creation, presentation, and learning opportunities for artists and audiences.

Organization Mission & Values

SummerWorks expands the possibilities of performance. We collaborate with emerging and established artists and curators to explore new directions, experiment in form, and develop their professional capacities. We curate, produce, and present programming that provokes, excites, and engages the public. We cultivate and contribute to progressive practices that foster greater diversity, accessibility, equity, and sustainability across our sector. We create networks and engage in creative exchange locally, nationally, and internationally.

Creative Risk and Curiosity
We engage with artists, audience, partners, and staff who are inquisitive, willing to experiment and
be adventurous. We encourage bold ideas, new directions, and big questions, cultivating space for
exploration and innovation.

Care and Collaboration
We carefully consider all the choices we make, understanding that the works we curate, the time we
give, who we work with, and spaces we use impact the experiences people have. We prioritize
connection and dialogue, as well as community and relationship building. By working with artists and
partners to exchange ideas and resources we’re able to multiply our impact.

Diversity and Difference
We celebrate diversity in arts and people, prioritizing inclusive and accessible processes and
experiences. We look to introduce professional artists and audiences from diverse communities to
each other and to be inspired by our similarities and differences.


As two of Toronto’s landmark summer performance festivals, Toronto Fringe and SummerWorks are exploring new opportunities to come together to share resources in order to increase the capacities of both organizations. Our first step in this process is to hire a Festival Volunteer Coordinator who will help manage the many overlapping needs of our combined community of volunteers.

The Volunteer Coordinator manages the volunteer database and network of the organizations, and coordinates and manages volunteer operations for various roles and tasks as needed for the performance festivals and ancillary events produced by Toronto Fringe and SummerWorks in 2024.

Recognizing the shared needs of each organization’s volunteer department, the Volunteer Coordinator advocates for the performing arts volunteers who invest their time with our events, seeks opportunities for the Festivals to engage with the wider volunteer community of Toronto, and expands recruitment opportunities. This position will be engaged by the Toronto Fringe Festival, and duties will include operating the volunteer department requirements for the 2024 SummerWorks Performance Festival and the 2024 Next Stage Festival. Specifically, the festival events they will coordinate are: The 2024 Toronto Fringe Festival (July 3-14), SummerWorks Performance Festival (August 1-11), and Next Stage Festival (October 16-27).


  • Foster engagement with the Fringe’s volunteer community, within existing database and new recruitment
  • Monitor the and inbox and the Toronto Fringe Volgistics portal
  • Seek opportunity to engage Volunteer Community outside of performance festivals to maintain sense of connection and community
  • Coordinate volunteer operations for all festivals (more details below), as well as fill any volunteer positions as needed by Festival departments in Volgistics to fill shifts for ancillary events or requirements throughout year
  • Develop and coordinate shared training sessions and modules between both organizations
  • Liaise with any scheduled volunteers about duties, shift details and pertinent information
  • Maintain and improve volunteer database tracking system and portal, Volgistics
  • Create a positive experience for all volunteers through effective communication and volunteer appreciation initiatives


  • Communicate with past volunteers and provide effective, accessible methods to register to volunteer at festivals
  • Recruit volunteers through a variety of methods if required (schools, corporations, theatre companies & associations, PSA’s...)
  • Coordinate with Communications/Marketing Manager for design and printing of any printed recruitment fliers required
  • Update training plans and materials, working with the Patron Services Coordinators and Accessibility Coordinators to ensure information is up to date and compliant with AODA requirements
  • Create a training plan and facilitate training seminars in coordination with the Patron Services departments for volunteers and ensure that all volunteers are informed of the basic Festival and box office policies
  • Create and maintain a computerized volunteer database and schedule
  • Maintaining a presence on site during the Festivals to check-in volunteers for each shift, create a welcoming atmosphere and troubleshoot any issues that arise
  • Supervising the Festival volunteers in partnership with the Patron Services Coordinators and other Department leads as necessary
  • Monitoring and filling last-minute volunteer shift vacancies
  • Mediating volunteer disputes and implementing volunteer discipline protocols when necessary
  • Coordinating and responding to a high volume of phone and e-mail inquiries


  • Determine positions and shifts with other Festival Departments, mainly working with the Front of House and Patron Services Coordinator(s), Projects & Operations Manager, KidsFest Coordinator, and Managing Director(s), but all departments as needed.
  • Build full volunteer schedule based on needs of festival.
  • Ensure that volunteers are confirmed for their shifts the day before each shift(s)
  • Plan emergency back-up system for truant volunteers
  • Continue to maintain and develop volunteer database and schedule template


  • Create an incentive program for volunteers, liaising with Managing Director(s) and Executive Director(s)
  • Coordinate with Communications/Marketing Manager in the creation of volunteer comp ticket vouchers or volunteer rush passes as required
  • Establish volunteer ticket policy with Managing Director(s)
  • Submit full final list of volunteers to Communications/Marketing Manager for inclusion on festival credits page on website
  • Help plan any volunteer "thank-you" events as needed and send out a volunteer “thank-you” letter
  • Update Volgistics
  • Coordinate, order and distribute of volunteer t-shirts and other volunteer paraphernalia (name badges, vouchers, on-site forms, etc.)
  • Ensure that high school volunteers have their letters confirming their hours
  • Encourage post-mortem results from volunteers to assist in any following year’s recruitment
  • Follow up with VAACT recognition program, filing volunteers who achieved VAACT stamps for the 2024 awards


  • Oversee the assistant Volunteer Coordinator for the Fringe Festival
  • Set-up the central volunteer check-in and/or hub at main festival site(s)
  • Assisting in the planning and execution of Volunteer Appreciation Events for Fringe and Next Stage
  • Attend full festival post-mortem meetings and provide written post mortem reports


  • Attend all-staff meetings that occur during contract dates as needed, in addition to check-in meetings with the Managing Directors
  • Attend all mandatory senior staff training sessions as scheduled by the Managing Directors
  • Keep the Managing Directors and other necessary staff apprised of all schedules and pertinent information
  • Compile detailed notes during planning and festival phases if applicable, for inclusion in postmortem report and retain documents, records and organized files, leaving a comprehensive archive for future reference
  • Represent Toronto Fringe at Volunteer Award for Arts and Culture in Toronto (VAACT) meetings and events on behalf of Festival (Festival is required to attend 4 of 6 scheduled meetings per year, and contributes to the VAACT annual volunteer awards event). 

Key Skills:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including facilitating and mediating
  • Strong written and spoken English
  • Strong leadership and organizational skills
  • Experience with events and working with Volunteers is an asset, including the ability to assess volunteers’ skills and manage large groups of people
  • An interest in the arts and an awareness for the not-for-profit environment
  • Experience producing live performance and/or Festival/ Event Management
  • Logistical and problem solving skills
  • Computer skills (including knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, and Google Drive. Database experience a plus).
  • Ability to work under pressure with grace and a sense of humour, both independently and with a team.

Additional Assets:

  • Flexibility in schedule leading up to and during the festivals in order to manage all priorities, including availability on evenings and weekends for meetings and events
  • Familiarity with Fringe festivals and passion for the arts and some knowledge of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (


Please submit an application using this portal:

Alternatively, submit the information on the application form (see below for outline of questions) in a single PDF by email to with the subject line: Volunteer Coordinator Application

The deadline to apply is Friday March 8, 2024, 11:59pm ET

The link takes you to a form with the following questions:

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. Phone number
  4. Address
  5. Pronouns (optional)
  6. Self-Identification (optional)
  7. What draws you to and excites you about working with the Toronto Fringe and SummerWorks Festivals? (answer in 1 to 2 paragraphs)
  8. What skills and experience make you an excellent fit for this role? (answer in 1 to 2 paragraphs)
  9. What do you hope to gain from this experience? (answer in 1 paragraph)
  10. Is there anything else?
  11. Upload a current CV in PDF format

We include the optional opportunity for voluntary self-identification, for you to share with us any important identities you hold that shape your identity/experience in a way you would like known.

The Toronto Fringe and SummerWorks are committed to employment equity and diversity, and are dedicated to building an organization that reflects the communities we serve, as well as actively working on dismantling systems of oppression and centering care in our work. Everyone is welcome to apply. We encourage applicants from equity-seeking communities and intersecting identities to apply. Equity-deserving groups can include those who identify as Indigenous, Black, People of Colour, Trans, Nonbinary, Queer, Disabled, and intersections of those identities. We are committed to providing staff with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment, and fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace.

Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process. If you would like to apply but require additional time, or you need accommodations of any kind to apply for this position and/or would like to submit your materials in an alternative format, please contact the hiring committee at before the application deadline of March 8, 2024.

Final candidates will be asked for references. All applications are considered confidential.


Feb 16, 2024: Position posted
March 8, 2024: deadline to apply, by 11:59pm ET
March 18-22, 2024: interview (in-person or via Zoom, restrictions permitting) with Toronto Fringe and SummerWorks representatives
April 1, 2024: candidate begins

Click here to download this job posting as a pdf.