• Rachel has pale skin, shoulder length blonde hair, light eyes, and wears bright red lipstick.

    Rachel Kennedy

    Executive Director, Co-Lead
    416-966-1062 x 224
    rachel (at)

  • Laura is of mix ancestry, has shoulder length black hair. She smiles at the camera wearing a khaki green button up shirt

    Laura Paduch

    Managing Director, Co-Lead
    416-966-1062 x 223
    laura (at)

  • Tessa has long brown hair, light skin, dark eyes, and wears a blue floral shirt. She smiles at the camera.

    Tessa Cernik

    Communications Manager
    416-966-1062 x 225
    tessa (at)

  • Suzanne has pale skin, long auburn hair, and wears red lipstick.

    Suzanne Wilkie

    Programming Manager
    416-966-1062 x 228
    suzanne (at)

  • Kevin has short black hair, and smiles widely to the camera

    Kevin Yue

    Projects & Operations Manager
    416-966-1062 x 222
    kevin (at)

  • Lucy has short curly black hair, dark eyes, freckles and wears a red patterned shirt

    Lucy McPhee

    Development Coordinator
    lucy.mcphee (at)
    416-966-1062 x 227

contract & part-time staff

  • Beth has short, messy brown hair, wears a black crew neck shirt, and smiles at the camera

    Beth Airton

    Metcalf Intern - Executive Management
    intern (at)

  • Damien has long curly brown hair, blue eyes, and looks into the camera

    Damien Nelson

    damien (at)

    Damien facilitates all media coverage and relations. Please reach out with any media requests.

  • Oliver

    Oliver Pitschner

    Content Coordinator

  • Elm has short black curly hair with shaved sides, wears a bright blue collared shirt, and is laughing

    Elm Reyes

    Marketing Associate
    marketing (at)

  • Caitlin has shoulder length curly hair with blonde highlights, and wears purple lipstick.

    Caitlin Farley

    Festival Production Manager
    production (at)

  • Tiffany

    Tiffany Ledesma

    Technical Coordinator

  • Kayleigh has very curly, shoulder length black hair and metal rimmed classes. She smiles at the camera against a blue background.

    Kayleigh Mundy

    Emerging Festival Producer
    ep (at)

  • Bethany

    Bethany Joy Radford

    Festival Volunteer Coordinator

  • Mikayla

    Mikayla Stradiotto

    Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

  • Hannah

    Hannah Macmillan

    Patron Services Coordinator

  • Taj

    Tassja Graf

    Assistant Patron Services Coordinator

  • Caolan

    Caolán Kelly

    Box Office Coordinator

  • Tanya

    Tanya Rintoul

    Education Programs Manager
    tanya (at)

  • A person's headshot.


    Coordinator of Kids Programming
    kids.coordinator (at)

  • Jules

    Jules Vodarek Hunter

    Community Support Coordinator


  • The three members of the Accessibility Collective

    The Disability Collective

    Accessibility Coordinators
    access (at)

    The Disability Collective (TDC) is the only fully disability-led performing arts organization in Toronto. Founded in late 2020, The Disability Collective is led by disabled artists, advocates, and producers Emily Maxwell, Nathan Sartore, and Ali Hand. Dedicated to celebrating and showcasing work created solely by disabled artists, TDC strives to de-stigmatize disability and challenge perceptions of disability by providing disabled artists with paid opportunities to share their work in a variety of forms, along with actively advocating for and improving accessibility and inclusion in the Canadian arts community by providing disability consultation services.