2024 Toronto Fringe Festival Satellite Venue Category

2024 Satellite Venue Application Guide

2024 Toronto Fringe Participation Policies

As of February 5, 2024, applications to this category are now closed.



What is it? 

The Toronto Fringe Satellite Venue Category is a new category for the 2024 Toronto Fringe Festival where the Festival will bring on one or more traditional theatre venues, in addition to the Main Venues, to present a multitude of shows as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival. This category is ideal for producers who may not have been drawn in the Main Venue lottery category, but whose shows would still be best suited for a conventional theatre space. 

Satellite Venues are partnerships between the Toronto Fringe and the Satellite Venue, and participants who are selected in this category enter into an agreement with both the Toronto Fringe and their Satellite Venue.  

This category is not BYOV. If you are interested in bringing a venue to the festival, please investigate the Unconventional Category.

The Festival will administer a non-curated selection process (lottery OR first-come, first served) for each venue in the Satellite Venue Category. This will take place after the main venues category lottery is drawn on December 4, 2023. The Satellite Venue may request that shows that express interest in their venue have some degree of alignment with their artistic mandate.
Each Satellite Venue will determine the following: how many shows they are able to accept, the number of performances they will offer each show, and the participant fees. For exact details on what each venue can offer, please refer to APPENDIX B in the Satellite Venue Application Guide.  

How will the selection process work? 


Once applications close, each venue’s applications will be reviewed for completion and eligibility. The Toronto Fringe will then facilitate a lottery for each venue that has opted into that selection process. The lottery will be drawn by venue. Results will be posted on Toronto Fringe and lottery winners will be contacted via email.

First Come First Served:

Submitted applications will be assessed in the order they are received and reviewed for completion and eligibility.  Once your submitted application meets completion and eligibility requirements, slots will be offered in the order applications were received. 


Participants in the Satellite Venue Category will pay an administrative fee of $500 CAD to the Toronto Fringe Festival, and a Participant Fee to the Venue. The Participant Fee is determined by each Venue and will be payable directly to the venue. 


As of January 2024, both Alumnae Theatre and Native Earth’s Aki Studio are confirmed as Satellite Venues for the 2024 Toronto Fringe Festival, for full venue details, please refer to the Application Handbook. 

The selection process for both venues will be a lottery. 

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted through Eventotron, the festival management portal. If you require an alternative method or support in submitting your application, contact Associate Producer Suzanne Wilkie at suzanne@fringetoronto.com or by phone at 416-966-1062 ext 228.

Applications were due by February 5, 2024. 

  1. In a web browser, go to eventotron.com
  2. If you have not previously applied to a Toronto Fringe festival, you will need to sign-up for a new account. The email you use here to create an account is what we will use to contact you with any information about your application.
  3. Search for our festival in the Festivals & Seasons – 2024 Toronto Fringe Festival 
  4. Click APPLY.
  5. Select “I’m creating a new event” and enter an event title. Click NEXT.

Your Event title is the title of your show. It can change later in the process if you are accepted into the Festival. Please note “TBD”, “TBC”, “Untitled” will not be accepted as an Event title. The application must be completely filled out before submitting.

Participants may apply to more than one Satellite Venue as long as their application meets any requirements set by the venue. For venue requirements, please refer to APPENDIX B in the Satellite Venue Application Guide

If you want to see all the questions that will appear on the form, check out APPENDIX A in the Application Guide. 

NOTE: Your form should autosave as you fill it out. To be sure information is not lost, click out of the field you have edited and look for a blue SAVING icon turn to green and say SAVED in the top right corner. You can start filling out your application and submit it at a later time. When you click APPLY, select “My event is already in Eventotron” instead of a new one, and select your existing application from the drop-down menu.

This category is selected by either a first-come, first-served basis or a lottery as determined by the Satellite Venue.

What happens if you are drawn in the Satellite Venue Lottery

If your number is drawn, you will be offered a slot in the Satellite Venue Category for the 2024 Festival. Results will be posted on fringetoronto.com and all applicants drawn will be contacted by email. To accept the slot, you will be required to pay both the administrative fee (to the Fringe) and the participant fee (to the satellite venue).  

The Toronto Fringe will send you a Festival agreement, and instructions on how to pay the administrative fee. The venue will contact you with a Venue agreement and instructions on paying the Participant fee. 

Once you’ve paid your fees, you’re in and will receive all the producing support offered to other participants in the festival (seminars, handbooks, peer producer pods).

If you decide to not accept the slot, you can forfeit and we will reach out to the first company on the waitlist for that venue.