Festival Credits

Fringe staff

Executive Director, Co-Lead
Rachel Kennedy

Managing Director, Co-Lead
Laura Paduch

Communications Manager
Tessa Cernik

Projects & Operations Manager
Kevin Yue

Programming Manager
Suzanne Wilkie

Development Coordinator*
Lucy McPhee

Metcalf Management Intern**
Beth Airton

Finance Coordinator
Scratch Anderson

Festival Publicist 
Damien Nelson, Want & Able Arts Consulting

Content Coordinator
Oliver Pitschner

TD Emerging Festival Producer
Kayleigh Mundy

TD Marketing Associate
Elm Reyes

Festival Production Manager
Caitlin Farley

Festival Technical Coordinator
Tiffany Ledesma

POSTSCRIPT Technical Coordinator
Heather Kilner

Accessibility Coordinators
The Disability Collective - Ali Hand, Emily Maxwell, Nathan Sartore

Patron Services Coordinator
Hannah MacMillan

Assistant Patron Services Coordinator
Tassja Graf

Festival Volunteer Coordinator
Bethany Joy Radford***

Box Office Coordinator
Caolán Kelly

Community Support Coordinator
Jules Vodarek Hunter

Education Programs Director
Tanya Rintoul

Coordinator of Kids Programming
Jennielea McLeish

New Young Reviewers Co-Facilitators
Signy Lynch,
Stephanie Fung

Fringe Participant Mentors
Byron Abalos
Andrea Mapili
Julia Nish-Lapidus

Web Developer
Tom Dearden

Eventotron Developer
Chris Perkin

Program Guide & Graphic Design
Trajectory Brands Inc.

*With support from the Kingfisher Foundation
**With support from the Metcalf Foundation
***This position is jointly serving Toronto Fringe and SummerWorks as part of a new partnership program

Festival Staff

Patron Services Representatives 

coming soon!

Front of House Representatives

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Venue Technicians 

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Kate Supleve

Vice Chair
Sherry Yuan Hunter

Garth Sheriff

Boyd Neil

Past Chair
Jason Murray

Victoria Barber
Roger Dunbar
Ian Filderman
Cynthia Foo
Prerna Mathews
Jayan McPherson
Chuck Okonkwo
Miquelon Rodriguez
Denise Ruzage


Visaree Bradshaw-Coore
Melissa Domingos
Avery Jackman
Meaghan Salmon

Fringe volunteers have been the heart and backbone of the beloved summer festival since the beginning. It takes a team of volunteers to make this possible and we couldn’t Fringe without them. We were sorry to learn of the passing of two long-standing Fringe volunteers, Harvey Lalonde, and Kevin Havins, who spent countless hours volunteering with Fringe over the years. A thank you to them and all of our volunteers.