Fringe Festival 2022 Festival Credits

We are so grateful to the team that helped us make this festival possible.

Fringe staff

Executive Director
Lucy Eveleigh

Managing Director
Laura Paduch

Communications Manager
Carly Chamberlain

Projects & Operations Manager
Tessa Cernik

Administrative Coordinator
Suzanne Wilkie

Metcalf Executive Management Intern*
Isabela Solis-Lozano

Marketing Manager
Bee Ramesh

Finance Coordinator
Scratch Anderson

TD Emerging Festival Producer
Kevin Yue

TD Outreach Coordinator
Andi Canales

Patron Services Manager
Lucy McPhee

*With Support from the Metcalf Foundation.

Festival Production Coordinator
Caitlin Farley

Festival Technical Coordinator
Bryan Steele

Front of House Coordinator
Erin Fleck

Assistant Front of House Coordinator
Annie Roberts

Volunteer Coordinator
Sarah Brooks

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator
Ellen Reade

Box Office Associate
Jennifer Peterson

Accessibility Coordinators
The Disability Collective - Ali Hand, Emily Maxwell, Nathan Sartore

KidsFest Club Coordinator
Kelly Winger

POSTSCRIPT Technical Director
Heather Kilner

POSTSCRIPT Production Assistant
Mitchell Doherty

POSTSCRIPT Bar Coordinator
Blair MacMillan

Festival Publicist
Damien Nelson, Want & Able Arts Consulting

Publicity Assistant
Sam Shepherd

Web Developer
Tom Dearden

Eventotron Developer
Chris Perkin

Graphic Design
Trajectory Brands Inc.

TENT Program Director
Tanya Rintoul

New Young Reviewers Co-Facilitators
Signy Lynch,
Stephanie Fung

Teen Fringe Program Director
Edge of the Sky


Festival Staff

Patron Services Representatives 

Adria Waram
Alex Vermey
Anne Gallagher
Catherine Gava
Elaine Ma
Kristin Boivin
Maria Khan
Marissa Trott
Michael Smith
Michelle Soicher
Robyn Matuto
Teya Zuzek
Yabsira Adgu

Front of House Representatives

Abriana Lashley
Adriana Chavez
Angela Sun
Bonnie Duff
Colwyn Alletson
David Johnston
Evyn Berridge
Fiona Moffat
Grace Faria
Jacqueline Swan
Joey Vong
Kate Martin
Kenzia Dalie
Marcela Echeverri
Marina Gomes
Melissa Avalos
Michaela Steven
Mickey Brown
Mikhail Chernov
Naomi Kaplan
Natalie Fasheh
Peter Bigauskas
Renee Wong
Sarah Alvo
Sonja Schweiger
Victoria Crough 

Venue Technicians 

Chris Sutherland
David Mallette
Ellen MacKay
James McQuay
Jasper Jacobs
Karen Elizabeth
Kate Counsel
Nicholas Davidson
Nicole Eun-Ju Bell
Paul Bourgeois
Rian Tran
Tiffany Yaw
Zev Shoag

POSTSCRIPT Bartenders 



Jason Murray

Vice Chair
Nancy Konopinsky

Garth Sheriff

Boyd Neil

Nicole Biros-Bolton
Cindy Gouveia
Sage Paul
Steven Smits
Douglas Steiner
Kate Supleve
Denise Ruzage


Fringe Mentors

Byron Abolos
Aaron Jan
victoria Laberge
Andrea Mapili
Morgan Norwich
Maricris Rivera
Andrew Seok


Special Thanks

Supporters and Partners

The support of our donors makes it possible for creative expression to thrive. Our donors are listed here

Government Funders


Government Funders

Foundation Supporters

Foundation Supporters

Festival Partners

Festival Partners