A statement from Lucy Eveleigh, Executive Director of the Toronto Fringe

“This week has been difficult for all of us in the Toronto performance community as we grapple with how we feel and relate to situations of violence and harassment in our workspaces, our studios, our theatres, and our community. We recognize that the artists of our community are hurt, angry, and deeply saddened by this week’s news.

After today’s #UrgentExchange, “Who is a Monster?”, we feel inspired by the resources and tools that were put forward by the presenters and participants. The event was a beautiful showing of the care and advocacy of our community, but also a reminder of how far we still need to go. We are actively seeking more ways to keep our festivals safe, and will continue to implement policies and create resources to better serve our artists, our patrons, our staff, our volunteers, and our wider Fringe family.

The Toronto Fringe is particularly invested in creating a safe, empowering environment for all artists involved in our festivals. To reiterate the statement I made at the Lottery Party in December, we will not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour at our organization. We are always here for you. We will listen to you. We are committed to working together to ensure that the Toronto Fringe is an inclusive and welcoming space for everyone who treats others with respect and kindness.

We are inspired by you, our community, for your thoughtfulness, your ability to critically engage, and your willingness to continue to make this community a safe one for all. Let’s continue the conversation and make sure everyone’s voice is heard.”'

- Lucy Eveleigh

January 6, 2018