Saving Wonderland

Saving Wonderland
Gamiotics Studios
Gamiotics Studios
75 minutes

Wonderland is in trouble and it’s up to the entire audience to save it! Powered by Gamiotics (the future of interactive entertainment), join together with your fellow audience members to play as Alice in this fantastical re-thinking of the popular classic. Harnessing the power of your phone, you'll interact with beloved characters, work together to solve mind-bending puzzles, and search for missing gears from the White Rabbit’s watch to save Wonderland! Numerous possibilities lead to multiple potential endings, and every screening is different as your choices determine what happens live and in real time.

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David Carpenter
Attilio Rigotti
Kevin Hammonds
David Andrew Laws
Attilio Rigotti
Jacob Thompson
Stage Manager
Sarah Reynolds
Lynn Craig
Kim Morgan Dean
Michael Indeglio
Pooya Mohseni
Carlina Parker
Michael Pilato
Jacob Thompson

More about the show experience

“Saving Wonderland” is a dual-screen experience. This performance uses Zoom Webinar. For optimal experience it is recommended download or update to the latest version of Zoom beforehand on your desktop computer, laptop computer, or tablet device to watch the show. It is not recommended to view Zoom over a mobile device. Patrons will be sent a unique Zoom Webinar link in an email 24 hours before the performance start time, and again 1 hour before the performance starts. Use the link to launch the Zoom webinar up to 15 minutes before the performance start time. It is not necessary to have a Zoom user account already. The Zoom app will automatically launch. Patrons will not be able to turn on their camera or microphones.

Patrons will also use a smart phone, tablet, or browser window to play and make decisions throughout the performance using the patent-pending Gamiotics software. For the best experience, please avoid using a Chromebook for this event. There is no requirement to download anything or create a user account, a link will be shared during the performance to open Gamiotics automatically on a second device, or in a new tab on your browser The Gamiotics Studios team are working to ensure that the interface is accessible with screen-readers.

Patrons can utilize the Zoom chat feature during the performance to interact with other audience members, we recommend easy access to a keyboard and a screen that allows you to see both the video and the chat box.


  Date Time
20th January 7:30pm Tickets
20th January 8:45pm Talkback
21st January 7:00pm Tickets
22nd January 7:30pm Tickets
22nd January 8:45pm Talkback
23rd January 2:30pm Tickets
26th January 7:30pm Tickets
26th January 8:45pm Talkback
28th January 9:00pm Tickets
29th January 2:30pm Tickets
29th January 3:45pm Talkback
30th January 7:30pm Tickets

Accessibility information

This digital performance will offer auto-transcribed captions.

Land acknowledgement

Gamiotics Studios acknowledges that it operates in ancestral Lenape homelands, and it recognizes the longstanding significance of these lands for Lenape nations past and present. We acknowledge the violence that stole this land from its rightful populations and we celebrate the ongoing contributions from Native American artists, leaders, and communities.

Content advice

Suitable for all agesAudience participationStrobe lights

Audience participation details

As part of the digital series, Saving Wonderland is a dual-screen experience. Audiences interact with and make decisions on the events happening on screen via a second device.