Literally Titanium

Literally Titanium
Creator and Performer
Ophira Calof
60 minutes

“It feels so good to be front and centre, airing out my feelings and reclaiming my goddamn time.”

In the age of body positivity, where does chronic illness fit? Disabled artist Ophira Calof plays her body as a character finally getting its moment in the spotlight, using music, comedy and storytelling to explore the relationship between her body and mind as they navigate a world that wasn’t built for them.

Please note that Literally Titanium will feature two styles of relaxed performance. Please see the accessibility information below for further details.

Talkbacks: After every performance of Literally Titanium the company will be holding space to chat informally about process and themes, including #CripTheScript, which, to them, means to challenge, reframe, and reclaim language, systems, stories and stages to centre ‘Crip’, or disability, identities and experiences.

Visual Story: If you would like to view the visual story for this show, please click Accessibility/Access Measures in the website menu.


Sanja Vodovnik
Jessica Watkin
Stage Manager
Connor Low
Alia Rasul
Sabrina Friedman


  Date Time
8th January 6:30pm Relaxed Performance  
8th January 7:30pm Talkback
11th January 6:15pm Relaxed Performance  
11th January 7:15pm Talkback
13th January 7:00pm Relaxed Performance  
13th January 8:00pm Talkback
15th January 8:15pm Sign Language Relaxed Performance  
15th January 9:15pm Sign Language Talkback
18th January 5:30pm Audio description Relaxed Performance  
18th January 6:30pm Audio description Talkback
19th January 4:00pm Audio description Relaxed Performance  
19th January 5:00pm Audio description Talkback

Accessibility information

Relaxed performance details:
January 8, 6:30pm, Relaxed Performance
January 11, 6:15pm, Modified Relaxed Performance
January 13, 7:00pm, Relaxed Performance
January 15, 8:15pm, Relaxed Performance
January 18, 5:30pm, Modified Relaxed Performance
January 19, 4:00pm, Relaxed Performance

All performances of Literally Titanium will feature an introduction. Patrons will be free to enter and exit as needed. There is a quiet space with a live feed of the show available that patrons may visit at any time throughout every performance.

Our modified relaxed performance is ideal for folks who may benefit from a darker and less stimulating sensory environment in the audience. House lights will not be kept on for these performances. Additionally, patrons will be asked to keep sudden sounds, movements, and the use of handheld devices to a minimum, where possible.

Standard relaxed performances will have the house lights on dimly. Audiences are welcome to do what makes them feel most comfortable including the use of fidgets, making noises, or moving about.


Factory Theatre Studio

125 Bathurst St
M5V 2R2


Level of Physical Access


Air Conditioned

Content advice

Audio descriptionSign LanguageMature language

Sensory description

This show features one performer on stage, with a minimal set, speaking and singing, accompanied by occasional background music played through house speakers. There are no sudden sound or lighting effects.

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