The Garden Of Alla

The Garden Of Alla
Minmar Gaslight Productions
Steven Elliott Jackson
60 minutes

LA, 1921. "Alla Nazimova" (née Marem-Ides Leventon), prolific film pioneer, broadway darling and proud bisexual invites company to her home, "The Garden of Alla", enticing them with her plans to make Oscar Wilde's highly controversial "Salome" into a dazzling, big-budget film. Recruiting her "husband," Charles Bryant to direct, and lover, Natacha Rambova for the opulent costume/set designs, the landmark movie will get made amidst the the trio's romances and trysts - but at what cost, as religious lobbyist William B. Hays concocts a strict code of ethics that Hollywood studios must obey, threatening freedom of creative expression and true art?


Andrew Lamb
Shawn Lall
Rebecca Perry
Neta J. Rose
Stage Manager
Julia J.B. Beaulieu
Steven Elliott Jackson
Rebecca Perry


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125 Bathurst St
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More about the company

Minmar Gaslight Productions is a collective of queer artists in all aspects seeking to explore the history of queer lives. We seek a collaborative experience where voices are heard and help to elevate the work.
The collective includes the writer of Best New Play "The Seat Next To The King" (NNNNN), Steven Elliott Jackson, and the director of NNNNN Mirvish hit, "My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding", Andrew Lamb.
Featuring the Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl Rebecca Perry (Fringe tour veteran, and sold-out at Edinburgh Fringe; also "From Judy to Bette: The Stars of Old Hollywood"), Neta J. Rose ("1184") and Shawn Lall ("Disgraced").

“The script is taut, tense and full of nuance about race, sexuality, power and dignity . . .” - NOW Magazine for "The Seat Next to the King"

Land acknowledgement

The team of The Garden of Alla would like to acknowledge that we are continuing a tradition of storytelling that has existed for thousands of years on this land. As a part of the Dish with One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant we are all encouraged to peaceably share and care for the land around the Great Lakes. Our team encourages you to consider what you are doing today to support Indigenous people and move us in the direction of true reconciliation. Miigwetch and Thank you.

Content advice

Parental guidance advisedSexual contentMature language

Sensory description

The play is centred around 1920's Hollywood: the story starts on a high and slowly falls apart, which will be told through lighting and costumes. The lighting will range from high colour and warm to cool and flat as the show moves forward. The costumes are flashy and opulent at the beginning and degrade as the show progresses. The play is dialogue heavy with sexual content - there are also couple of moments of physical movement by the protagonist, Alla Nazimova.

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