The Boy Who Cried

The Boy Who Cried
Crème de la Crème
Brad Gira
85 minutes

At an isolated day camp, Soren, a perennial camp counsellor, finds her perfect summer disrupted when her friend is suddenly promoted to her boss. Then Soren’s favourite camper starts misbehaving non-stop too. Her disastrous attempts to help the camper act right again only accelerate her own fall from the camp’s good graces. Soon enough, the mystery of what turned her favourite camper into such a problem child comes to threaten the whole camp’s existence and safety. This dark comedy charts a girl’s journey from carefree youth to the very limits of law and order.

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William Dao
Brad Gira
Jacob Kay
Sabrina Weinstein
Stage Manager
Helen Ho (SM)
Julia Pape (ASM)
Jo Tamaru (Apprentice SM)
Taranjot Bamrah
Jasmine Cabanilla
Joanna Decc
Liam Peter Donovan
Jennifer Dufton
Nezar El-Rayes
Ahlam Hassan
Katerina Hatzinakos
Sascha Houpt
Asha Kilroy
Oliver LaMantia
Eiléanór O’Halloran
Ben Page
Frosina Pejcinovska
Christian Protogeros
Margaret Rose
Stephanie Zeit
Costume Designer
Abby Esteireiro
Sound Designer
Matt Lalonde
Lighting Designer
Jacob Kay
Accessibility Coordinators
Frosina Pejcinovska
Margaret Rose


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1 : Tarragon Theatre Mainspace

30 Bridgman Ave
M5R 1X3


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You can download a Visual Story Guide created by the company by clicking the ADDITIONAL ACCESS SUPPORT DOCUMENT button below.

More about the company

Crème de la Crème was founded in 2016 by a group of emerging artists in while studying at the University of Toronto. As queer creators emerging into the theatre scene post pandemic, it is imperative to us to work on and produce our own stories.

Past Toronto Fringe shows members have been involved with: You Are Not Alone. (2015), Robert (2018), Milk (2020), What Are You Supposed to Be? (2021), Honeymoon 2.0 (2021).

Content advice

Not recommended for persons under 14 years of ageGunshotsGraphic violenceAbrupt cuesFog machineStrobe lightsMature language

Sensory description

In this play all the characters address and react to campers who the audience can’t hear or see. There is minimal blocking and movement seen on stage. Performers enter from audience at points.
There are no large set pieces. There is use of a bow and arrow. The counsellors wear blue t-shirts with the word ‘CAMP’ in white lettering. The lighting design is minimal with the exception of one flash of light onto audience. At certain points there are sounds of loud booms, alarms, guns, and live singing into microphones.
The story relies heavily on verbal communication between characters who interact with campers that aren’t visible or heard by the audience. The limitation of this production is that it predominantly uses sound as the main form of communication, and therefore may be inaccessible without the medium of sound.

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