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Frequently Asked Questions:

Fringe Programs

Where do I get a printed Fringe Program?

Click here for a list of places to pick you your program guide around the city. Programs are also available at every venue during the festival. 

Tickets and Passes

Why is there a $2 service charge on all tickets?

Your $13 ticket is broken out in this way: $11 ticket price and $2 service charge. We return 100% of the ticket price to artists, because we believe in supporting the next generation of theatre-makers. The $2 service charge helps keep our organization running and the lights on. We are a charitable organization, and this is an important piece of our operational budget.

Why is there a $2 per order fee on tickets purchased over the phone and online?

The $2 per order fee on phone and online sales goes towards the technical infrastructure necessary to run our advance box office programs and compensate box office staff.

Where is my ticket?

We have moved the festival to a more green, paperless system. If you have booked in advance, your email confirmation acts as your e-ticket that will be scanned at the door of the venue. If you would prefer to print out the e-ticket, we will scan the printout. If you cannot find your e-ticket in your inbox, please check your spam folder and then call the box office at 416-966-1062.

Can you have a rush ticket policy?

We have a rush tickets system for volunteers and our emerging artist program.

Why can’t you resell unclaimed tickets at the door of a venue?

As per the Ontario Consumers Protection Act, we are not permitted to re-sell goods (i.e. tickets) that have been sold to a consumer.


Why do you have such a strict latecomer policy?

The latecomer policy came into effect at the request of our patrons. Not only does it create a more enjoyable experience for our audience but it is also there to protect the health and safety of everyone.

The Fringe Lottery

Is it really a lottery?

Yes it really is a lottery. We receive over 700 applications, which are then divided into various categories, including National, International, General and KidsFest. Each applicant receives a lottery number. At the lottery party, we have small pieces of cardboard with the lottery numbers on them and these are verified by various people at the event. All applicants are welcome to verify that their number is present. Once they have been verified, numbers are dropped into a bin in front of the audience, and the winning numbers are drawn.

Can you have less of a lottery and more of a jury?

Then we wouldn’t be a Fringe, as per our CAFF (Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals) mandate. We invite you to our The Next Stage Theatre Festival for a juried experience!

If you have additional questions or suggestions, we always love hearing from our community of artists, patrons, supporters and volunteers. You can email or call 416-966-1062.