Patrons' Picks

Festival hits, determined by audience demand!

Patrons' Picks are the main venue shows that have the highest sales after the first 4 performances. 

Here is the schedule for Patrons' Picks Winners who received an extra performance on Sunday, July 17. Winners were announced at our Awards Ceremony at PS: Patio at The Tranzac on Friday, July 15.

Sunday July 17:

Tarragon Mainspace - 9:45pm
Six Chick Flicks or a Legally Blonde Pretty Woman Dirty Danced on the Beaches while writing a Notebook on the Titanic

Tarragon Extra Space – 9:30pm
Gay for Pay with Blake & Clay

Tarragon Solo Room – 9:45pm
Alia Ceniza Rasul: Moro Girl

KidsFest (St. Vlad’s) - 3:45pm
The Questing Beast

Robert Gill Theatre – 9:45pm
The Crack of Doom! (or: How I Learned To Love The Meteor)

Factory Studio – 10:15pm

Factory Main – 9:30pm
Sex T-Rex presents SKETCH T-REX

Crow’s Theatre – 9:45pm
Don Valley Girls

Al Green Theatre – 10:15pm
The Sorauren Book Club

Native Earth’s Aki Studio – 9:45pm
X and da spirit

Ada Slaight Hall – 10:15pm
A Perfect Bowl of Pho