KidsFest Club

What is kidsfest club? 

The KidsFest Club is a fun, safe and welcoming playspace for kids of all ages and their families.

KidsFest and the KidsFestClub are on the road in 2022! We’re temporarily located at St. Vladimir Institute (620 Spadina Avenue), right on the Spadina streetcar line and just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from Spadina subway station as well as the College streetcar line. 

Due to limited space, and in the interest of keeping our community safe, most KidsFest Club activities for 2022 will be Play-Where-You-Are. 


Wednesday, July 6: 11am–6pm 
Thursday, July 7 and Friday July 8: 11am–5pm 
Monday, July 11  to Friday, July 10: 10am–4pm
Both Saturdays and Sundays: 10am–5pm 

what is play where you are?:

Play-Where-You-Are means taking some of that KidsFest Club fun out into our community! Drop by the KidsFest Club booth before or after your show or visit the KidsFest Facebook group to learn more about how you can join us for:

Each day we’ll have an in-person activity or two to keep you entertained, and as always you can expect visits from our KidsFest performers and other Fringe friends.

group Booking

Due to limited space, large group bookings for the KidsFest Club are not possible this year. If your group will need to eat lunch before or after their KidsFest performance, please discuss this with our Outreach Coordinator at when booking your show tickets – they may be able to suggest alternate options for you.  


For full accessibility details please see the KidFest Club venue page on our website.

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