Patron's Picks

Festival hits, determined by audience demand!

Patron's Picks are the main venue shows that have the highest sales after the first 4 performances. The following shows were the Patron's Picks from 2017.


Fables from Far Away Lands by Merlene’s Impact Project

About Time by The Templeton Philharmonic

Alone in this Together by Not Oasis Productions

Magical Mystery Detour by Gemma Wilcox

James & Jamesy in the Dark by Life & Depth 

True North Mixtape by Edge of Sky Theatre

Nasty by Maelstrom Art Collective

The Diddlin’ Bibbles Live in Concert by The Diddlin’ Bibbles

32 Short Sketches about Bees by Clear Glass Productions

The Seat Next to the King by Minmar Gaslight Productions

13 Ways the World Ends by Flash Dazzle Productions

Hands Down by Shoot Good Films Inc

She Grew Funny by O’Sullivan Lane Productions / Brett McCaig Productions

Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons by Slow Blue Lions

Plague: A Sic Love Story by Ou est Billy Ou Ou