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Sheridan College and Open-Door Theatre Collective
Dante Green & member of Sheridan College's Music Theatre class of 2022
45 minutes

An exploration and abstract expression of connection. Connections between friends, strangers, couples, family members, and the cosmos. This show paints the broad brushstrokes of getting to know another human being whether in this life, or maybe in a past life. "WE KNEW EACH OTHER ONCE BEFORE" expands on feelings of love at first sight and “haven’t we met before?”, while threading in the tangible ways in which this very ensemble performing the piece grew to know each other.


Caitlyn MacInnis (they/she)
Veronique Beaudet (she/they)
Lily Librach (she/her)
Mikayla Kwan (she/her)
Madelyn Miyashita (she/her)
Kathleen Mills (she/they)
Caitlin Collingwood (she/her)
Liam McGibbon (he/him)
Freya Scerri Diacono (she/her)
Jeremy (they/them)
Mirabella Sundar Singh (she/they)
Ella Grant (she/her)
Grace Rockett (she/they)
Marco DeLuca (he/him)
Michelle Yu (she/her)
Amanda Macevicius (she/her)
Michelle Yu (she/her)
Preston Free Cooper (he/they)
Zoë O'Connor (she/her)
Anthony Goncharov (he/him)
Hailey Christie-Hoyle (she/her)
James Petrasiunas (he/him)
Dante Green
Caitlyn MacInnis
Veronique Beaudet
Kayla Maggio
Kyle Humby
Jordan Laffrenier
Stage Manager
Kirstyn Keeble (she/her)

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Land acknowledgement

Our performers came together in a completely virtual collaboration, from places all over Turtle Island and beyond. We recognize our privilege in having access to the technological means necessary for us to connect virtually, and acknowledge that all of our collaborators are living and working on land that has belonged to Indigenous cultures since time immemorial. We ask you to consider the Indigenous peoples who have likely been forcibly removed from the land that you are watching our piece from, and to use this awareness to fuel your commitment to Indigenous reparations beyond acknowledgment.

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