Venus & Adonis

Venus & Adonis

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Theatre Oculus
Created by the company
20 minutes

When you think of Venus,
When you put their name on your tongue
When you fold in the myth,
Let the images come

Let them be art
Let them be perfection
Let them be the beauty
That sidesteps inspection
That sidesteps detection
That sidesteps infection.

When you think of Venus,
Ignore the cut of violence,
the threat of sin.

Lover, look and look close
But don’t lean too far in.

Special thanks to Skylar Blythe, Stephen Crouch Real Estate, and The School Creative Arts.
Produced with the co-operation of ACTRA Toronto.


Kelsi James
Rohan Dhupar
Macayla Paris
Rohan Dhupar
Sarah Di Iorio
Macayla Paris
Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski
Drew Berry
Isabella Boaretto
Lyndsey Britten
Emily Butler
Sadie Cahill
Katie Couchie
michael derworiz
Jasmine Huang
Sydney Keir
Hailey Lewis
Gabrielle Lowe
Maria Riano
Eilish Shin-Culhane

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Land acknowledgement

Theatre Oculus is based out of what is colonially known as Mississauga and Etobicoke, Ontario, both of which fall under Treaty 13. We are settlers who are grateful to the original caretakers and storytellers of this land for the opportunity to live, work and create here. It is our responsibility to contribute meaningfully to acts of reconciliation and reparation with our First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples. Their oppression (read: genocide) is not only our history, it is still our present; women and girls continuing to go missing, ongoing police brutality and violence, water boil advisories not ending, and the literal unearthing of residential school fatalities, among countless other atrocities, indicate an "acknowledgement" is simply not enough. Now is the time for abolition and decolonization. #landback

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