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Sarah Saberi
50 minutes

Opening his eyes in the morning of his 40th birthday, Masoud, the young immigrant artist, feels the weight of his burdens sitting on his chest, the hopelessness, and the fear of failure, forgetting all his dreams and ambitions as a musician who has not yet adjusted to his new home. Throughout the day the cheerful voice of his mom and conversations with five women, who all throw light on the dark lingering shadows, make him take baby steps to confront his fears.

The story deals with personal inertia, distant relationships, and personal failures.



Sarah Saberi
Fariba Jedikar
Amirhosein Taheri
Banafsheh Taherian
Faranak Kalantar
Ali Ghorbanian
Ashley Mauerhofer
and Farzaneh Soheili
Production Manager
Leyla Shamshiri
Poster Art
Parnaz Karimi
Script Consultant
Arzhang Amirfazli
Music Director
Hesam Abedini
Additional Technical
Peyman Fakhraei
Costume Designer
Leyla Shamshiri

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