The Trying Times of Sister Bunny

The Trying Times of Sister Bunny

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Alt 255 Collective
Jiafan Felix Hao, Selena Otello, Isaiah-John Sison, Madeleine Vogelaar, Sadie Wells-Liddy, Eric Amaral, Hayley Crowder, Adelaide Dolha, Megi Kaca, Julianna Picarelli, Ky Wellington
60 minutes

After losing her child to mysterious circumstances, Bunny arrives at a religious home and school for single young women, where she resides under one condition: twice a week, she must meet with the campus psychiatrist.

Her peace is short lived, as Bunny quickly realizes that she has not escaped her guilt. Sisters whisper behind her back and her solitude begins to take its toll, as the line between dreams and reality fades away. She can hardly tell when, or if, her nightmare will end.


Eric Amaral
Adelaide Dolha
Julianna Picarelli
Ky Wellington
Jiafan Felix Hao
Selena Otello
Madeleine Vogelaar
Stage Manager
Chloe Currie
Gloria Mampuya
Amelia Mielke-O'Grady
Lighting Designer
Fiona Vandermyden
Set Designer
Samuel Page
Megi Kaca
Costume Designer
Natasha Lee
Sound Designer
Nicholas Beardsley
Boyan Demchuk
River Bourque
Technical Director
Braden Henderson

More about the company

Alt 255 Collective is a group of emerging devisors who come from a range of diverse backgrounds. We pride ourselves on providing opportunities to students and recent graduates. The creators of this collective completed York University's Devised Theatre program together in 2021.Alt-255 Collective would like to thank our affiliates, Insert Affiliates. We would also like to give a very special thanks to our publicity team, Avery Ash and Breagh Macdonald.

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Land acknowledgement

Alt 255 Collective acknowledges that the land we create on today was taken care of by three nations, the Haudenosaunee, the Anishnaabe, and the Huron-Wendat, under the dish with one spoon Wampum Belt Treaty. As settlers, we feel it is important that we honour that treaty in our own way. This means caring for the land that we reside on, but also means respecting those who have descended from the people who cared for this land for so many years. We as settler creators truly hold the power to stop anti-Indigenous discourse in its tracks by speaking up when we hear it occurring. We dedicate this creative space to be one that is unwelcoming to anti-Indigenous rhetoric.

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