Time Limits Dropped on Easter Sunday

Time Limits Dropped on Easter Sunday

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Wonder Jones Productions
Erin Jones
60 minutes

Wonder Jones Productions is a collective of talented artists who are willing to take risks and explore new forums to keep theatre alive!  Our team is comprised of talent across Canada. Opportunities are not limited by how individuals self-identify.  Our collective represents our community. 

"Time Limits Dropped on Easter Sunday" was inspired by family memories and the regret of not having the opportunity to get to know a loved one.  It was especially written for the Digital Toronto Fringe Festival.


Meg Gibson
Meg Gibson
Georgia Grant
Olivia Jon
Erin Jones
Dayjan Lesmond
Cate McKim
Twaine Ward
Jamie Joong Watts
Paula Wilkie
Costume Designer
Andra Bradish
Erin Jones
Meg Gibson

More about the company

This show was created by members of the BIPOC Community within an environment of inclusiveness and respect.

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