Standing on the Miraculous Field

Standing on the Miraculous Field

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Terra Storyteller / Studio Brandstof
Terra Norihiro Terazawa
15 minutes

An impressionistic solo storytelling short film. A man tends to his garden as he tells the story of a sick lemon tree from his past. What do we know about nature? How can we live in harmony with nature? "Standing on the Miraculous Field" unfolds the perspective of nature farming and its gentle philosophy through Terra Norihiro Terazawa’s tale.


Director of Photography
Nick Gore
Terra Norihiro Terazawa
Creative Director
Gary Condés
Writing Assistant
Marie Phillips
One Sovereign Studio
Set Designer
Bas van Geest
Sound Designer
Zino Schat
Graphic Designer
Daijiro Hama
Kaho Koda

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"Standing on the Miraculous Field" includes subtitles in Japanese.

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