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Collectif BUS 1.2.3
Nikolai Afanasev, Barbara-Audrey Bergeron, Florian Fran├žois, Liz Lima, Michael Lynn, Dorsai Ranjbari
45 minutes

"POST-HUMANUM," a post-theatre fantasy.

What will our future look like? collectif bus123 presents our lo-fi take on a hi-tech world in which old gods compete for your love, Siri and Alexa duke it out, humans sing a medley of robot songs, and last words drift in from humanoids a millennia away.

This rollercoaster show will take you to a future you never dreamed of where humans, robots, and A.I. merge. This is the unusual, raucous result. Join us!


Lead Artist
Dominique Banoun
Thom Sokoloski
Costume Designer
Dan Dwir
Puppet Designer
Dan Dwir
Dominique Banoun
Thom Sokoloski
Dominique Banoun

More about the company

The show was created by multilingual interdisciplinary artists from Australia, Iran, Russia, Switzerland, England, and Canada. Most of them are francophones and francophiles, passionate about different languages.

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Land acknowledgement

Collectif BUS 1.2.3. would like to acknowledge the land we gathered on virtually and in person is the traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee, Huron-wendat (Wyandot), Mississaugas of the New Credit, and Algonquin territory.

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