Play Mas' with Shakespeare: A Carnival Rebellion

Play Mas' with Shakespeare: A Carnival Rebellion

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Brown Cotton Outreach
Wayne Lee-Sing
46 minutes

A Comedy Satire featuring Trinidad and Tobago's Traditional Carnival Characters quoting Shakespeare from Brown Cotton Theatre.

Jamette Carnival is a ragtag band of the dispossessed, the dastardly - the stickfighters, the prostitutes and...the nobody. Carnival mocks the privilege and excesses of the colonial elites through archetypal costumes or masques. This is protest through culture and fun, a heaving melange of interwoven European and African cultures become one.

Join King Jab Jab, Jab Molassie, Midnight Robber, Pierrot Grenade, and Jamette for Mas in your Ass!

We have a Plan!

Rated PG 13


Ellen O'Malley Camps
Louris Martin Lee-Sing
Wayne Lee-Sing
Danielle Elliott
Afi Ford Hopson
Louris Martin Lee-Sing
Lesley Ann Levine

More about the company

This show was created by the team at Brown Cotton Outreach using our Camps Carnival Theatre Technique.

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