Our Exes Are Dead: Vol. 1

Our Exes Are Dead: Vol. 1

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Our Exes Are Dead
Created by the company
15 minutes

"Our Exes Are Dead," your favourite comedy duo that you've also never heard of, presents a filmed collection of their favourite sketches for the first time ever! If you woke up today and thought "I want to watch something where two funny gals play all the parts and was also made on the world's smallest budget" - you've found it!

★★★★ "I liked the part where they did that thing!" - A Person
★★★★★ "I've never laughed so hard in my life!" - Another Person

This show was created in memory of Nathan Fielder.


Rachelle Mazzilli
Maggie Chafe
Alejandro C. Campomanes
Poster Art
Charlie Ebbs Photography
Travis Ferguson
Rachelle Mazzilli
Maggie Chafe
Our Exes Are Dead

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Land acknowledgement

We would like to acknowledge the lands in which our show was produced. This collection of work was put together in Toronto - the ancestral territory of Tkaronto, "the gathering place" on Turtle Island belonging to the Anishinaanabe, including the Mississaugas of Credit, the Haudenosaune, and the Wendat nations, as well as nations recorded and unrecorded. The lands in which our collective is privileged to live, work, play, and enjoy was surrendered in Treaty 13 and is part of the One Dish One Spoon wampum belt covenant. We pay respect to the original care takers and storytellers of these lands.

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Not recommended for persons under 14 years of ageSexual contentAbrupt cuesMature language

This show is ridiculous.

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