North Of Smokey

North Of Smokey

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DaVid Studios
David Doucette
55 minutes

As a boy on Cape Breton Island, Frank Curtis loses his arm in a hunting accident. He recovers to become the undisputed champion of world armwrestling . Frank learns of fame, admiration and riches but the crowds drift away and glory ends. Frank ends up as a circus sideshow before general wastage, homelessness and finally imprisonment. He serves his time and when he comes out, Frank returns to Cape Breton Island.


Executive Producer
Kevin Biggs
Assistant Director
Jenessa MacInnis
Screenplay Advisors
Dean Even
Jacqueline Mills
Kathleen Broyles
David Doucette
Jessica Humphries
Justin Boutilier
Miche Lemieux
Noah Lemieux
Nate Lemieux
Tim MacLeod
Brock Fownes
Sandy Pembroke
Jenessa MacInnis
Evan MacDonald (voice)
Glenn MacLeod
Judith MacLeod
David Doucette
Jenessa MacInnis
Jamie Murphy
David Doucette
Additional Technical
David Doucette (Audio Mixing)
Julianna Romanyk (Audio)
Karl Desmarais (Photography Advisor)
Julie Mongeluzi
Olivia Solomos
Sarah Arnott (Graphic Art)

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