Mangoes From the Valley

Mangoes From the Valley

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Junebug Productions
Aryana Mohammed
31.:15 minutes

Maria, a young Venezuelan woman, moves to Trinidad in hopes of providing for her family. While waiting tables at a bar, she turns to sex work to supplement her income. An encounter with a client leaves her scarred and mentally frayed as she finds herself wondering if she should stay or return to her family. Told through movement and soundscape, this piece invites the audience to bear witness to a young woman’s moment of loss and reckoning.


Aryana Mohammed
Renee King
Danielle Lewis
Sean Edghill
Nigel Thompson
Sean Edghill
Eve Hamel-Smith
Stage Manager
Danielle Lewis
Set Designer
Aryana Mohammed
Danielle Lewis
Eve Hamel-Smith (Vocals & sound production)
Aryana Mohammed (Lyrics)
Romario Bruce Salina (Maracas & guitar)

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