Honeymoon: Played Out

Honeymoon: Played Out

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Ok, theatre
Margaret Rose, Mick (Micaela) Robertson
35 minutes

“Honeymoon: Played Out” is a curated arts spree featuring over a dozen new and exciting young artists. Based on a live event that occurred in the summer of 2019, this video showcases animations, digital performance, mixed media monologue, and very special musical guests. Each artist interprets the idea of life after the honeymoon stage, pertaining to all things love, work, and beyond.



Funké Joseph (Catdog)
Isaac Roberts
Jaek Eastcott
Jennifer Law-Smith
Kenneth Collins
Lillian Ross-Millard
Paris Molokwu (Parisunltd)
Pony Nicole Herauf
Sabrina Carrizo Sztainbok (Huxlii)
Spencer Glassman
and many more!
Margaret Rose
Mick (Micaela) Robertson
Isaac Roberts
Mick (Micaela) Robertson
Poster Art
Isaac Roberts
Margaret Rose
Micaela (Mick) Robertson
Frosina Pejcinovska
UC Follies
Sabrina Weinstein
Technical Director
Isaac Roberts

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