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Deaf Spirit Theatre
Created by the company
60 minutes

Deaf Spirit Theatre returns with their latest show, "ComMUTE!"

Don't miss the train! Hop on and hold on to your transfer as we take you on an often hilarious but sometimes serious journey through place, time, and space with the cast of Deaf Spirit Theatre.

It features new short works written by fabulous people in the Deaf community across Canada, and skilled Deaf actors Theresa Upton, Elizabeth Morris, Hayley Hudson, Juan Jaramillo, and Robert Bhola.

Deaf Spirit Theatre was established in 2015 in Kingston, Ontario and co-founded by Theresa, Elizabeth, and Hayley, along with Alexandra.


Elizabeth Morris
Theresa Upton
Hayley Hudson
Juan Jaramillo
Robert Bhola
Stage Manager
Alexandra Hickox
Jose Gaspar Sanabria
Alexandra Hickox

More about the company

This show was created by members of the Deaf community.

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"ComMUTE" includes open captions - they will be visible to all viewers at all times. It also is accompanied by a descriptive transcript.

Content advice

Not recommended for persons under 18 years of ageMature language

Death, suicide, swearing.