Chronicles of a Black Woman: A Sketch Comedy!

Chronicles of a Black Woman: A Sketch Comedy!

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Chocolate Dollz Productions
Sandy Daley
25 minutes

"Chronicles of a Black Woman: A Sketch Comedy," follows the lives of 3 sistas in a modern day society, trying to make shit work. Writer, creator, and actress Sandy Daley brings this ground-breaking one-woman show to the stage. She details the lives of Vivian, a single mother, Monica, afro-centric sista, and Pauline, the Caribbean immigrant. Through intimate and authentic depictions, we'll follow them on their journey through life as they try to navigate within society. Strong comedic moments mixed with dramatic turns will have you dying with laughter, as you wipe away your tears.


Sandy Daley
Sandy Daley
Nathaniel Daley
Hadara Greenbaum
Monaym Rashad (Assistant Animator)
Maya Nadler (Assistant Animator)
Script Consultant
Grace Sun
Sound Designer
Ryan Allerdyce
Production Manager
Hadara Greenbaum
Writer's Assistant
Kat Law
Xavier Oshinowo
Social Media Assistant
Cristina Nikolic

More about the company

This show was created by Sandy Daley, owner of Chocolate Dollz Productions. We create engaging and diverse projects for stage, film, and TV to change the narrative about who we are as a people.

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Land acknowledgement

I’m Sandy Daley and I’m the writer and director of this show. This show challenges you to fight against any system that tries to oppress you. Whether it is systemic racism or acts of violence against women and the vulnerable. As a Canadian citizen with a Jamaican heritage and nationality, I believe that it is our duty to include all cultures and nationalities under one blanket. I acknowledge that the land this work was created on is the traditional territory of many nations. This includes the Mississauga of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee, and the Wendat peoples. It is imperative that I, along with each cast member and crew, are aware of the land that we work on. This is a way of honouring and respecting the many diverse First Nations, Inuit, and Metis peoples who occupied this land before us. Now, more than ever, it is vital that all of our stories are included, validated, respected, and heard.

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