Captain Condom & The COVID-19 Conundrum!

Captain Condom & The COVID-19 Conundrum!

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SExT: Sex Education by Theatre
The Cast of SExT: Sex Education by Theatre
42 minutes

It's a bag! It's a balloon! No, it's (drum roll please) Captain Condom - Toronto's most durable and oft-forgotten superhero! Join Captain Condom as they tackle their biggest challenge yet - some horny horny teens who've spent all of lockdown burning for each other. But while our teens have gotten used to wearing masks, evil lurks in our lovely couple's unprotected Zoom call. A ragtag group of STIs - the Seriously Terrible Invaders - are trying to convince our teens to go rubberless! It's up to our hero to save the day!


Shira Taylor
Shira Taylor & Isfandyar Virani
Lauren Chang
Poster Art
Isfandyar Virani
Isfandyar Virani
Music Director
Elena Juatco
Production Manager
Emma Wheaton
Thuriga Bala
Charmaine Chang
Lauren Chang
Aleef Khan
Michelle Nyamekye
Talib Rashdi
Vincent Bear Russell
Emma Wheaton
& Joseph Zita
Thuriga Bala

More about the company

SExT: Sex Education by Theatre celebrates culture as enriching the sexual health conversation. Company members identify as South Asian, East Asian, Black, South American, Canadian, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Agnostic, and LGBTQ+.

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Land acknowledgement

Thank you for joining us as we gather in this digital space. SExT: Sex Education by Theatre respectfully acknowledges and honours the Indigenous keepers of this land, past, present, and future. We are grateful for the teachings, medicine, songs, games, and stories shared with us during our tours across Turtle Island.

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Not recommended for persons under 14 years of ageSexual contentAbrupt cuesMature language

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