Arthur J. Peabody

Arthur J. Peabody

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Amanda Dempsey-Laughlin
Amanda Dempsey-Laughlin
45 minutes

Have you ever noticed how unusually loud and chatty birds are? Or ever wondered what they might say if they could speak? Meet Arthur J. Peabody, a very well spoken bird who befriends a young lady and regales her with stories of his past, his travels and the people he has met. "Arthur J. Peabody" is set in the late 1800’s and is a lovely play filled with colourful characters, costume, stop motion, and special effects that bring the digital stage to life. There is even a surprise twist thrown in. But shhh, don’t tell anyone.


Amanda Dempsey-Laughlin
Amanda Dempsey-Laughlin
Victoria Laughlin
Poster Art
Amanda Dempsey-Laughlin
Amanda Dempsey-Laughlin
Costume Designer
Laura Vradenburg (Arthur's Costume)
Kelly McDowell (Arthur's Makeup)
Desmond Baxter (Props)
Cast (Additional Costumes
Desmond Baxter (Arthur J. Peabody)
Victoria Laughlin (Jamima)
Kelly McDowell (Regina)
Mark Ladouceur (Ticket Taker)
Jennifer Bartrum (Fortune Teller)
Gord Gardiner (The Great Magnifico)
Jason Riedel (Ring Master)
Joseph A. Sebok (Thug)
Amanda Dempsey-Laughlin (The Bearded Lady)

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Content advice

Parental guidance advised

There is a short forceful pushing/grabbing moment, one character swigs an alcohol bottle

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