The Shoestring Magic Flute

The Shoestring Magic Flute

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Greg Robic, Lawrence Cotton
40 minutes

In this whimsical adaptation of Mozart's opera, Allegra finds a golden flute in a pile of leaves on her way home from school. She blows on it, and suddenly her street turns into a dark forest and out pops a strange birdcatcher, Papageno - with a padlock on his mouth! Why? And how will they get out of the forest? Through the power of music and the magic of make-believe, Papageno and Allegra embark on an adventure of sharing and self-discovery involving a four-legged, two-winged, fire-breathing dragon, the scary Queen of the Night, and more!

Suitable for ages 4-10.


Molly Thom
Katy Clark
Anthony Rodrigues
Anne Rankin (cellist)
Jiayin Liu (pianist)
Nicholas Porteous

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