2021 Digital Toronto Fringe Festival

The Digital Fringe Showcases Toronto to the World

The 33rd annual Toronto Fringe Festival sees digital attendance from all corners of the globe and gives back $35,500 to festival artists.

After an 11-day festival and a 22-day extension, the Toronto Fringe Festival has wrapped up for another year. In a "normal" year, we would be reporting on the number of tickets sold, the friendly crowds at the Fringe patio, and the sold-out shows that stole the hearts of audiences.

This year we are excited to report on the international scope of the festival, engagement with visitors at our digital venue (aka our website), and our award-winning shows.

During the Digital Toronto Fringe Festival, fringetoronto.com was a hub of activity and creativity, earning more than 180,000 pageviews in under two months. The website saw traffic from 48,000 unique users in July and August alone, with 79% of those being new users.

The Digital Toronto Fringe Festival was an international festival. 17% of website visitors were from countries outside of Canada, with audiences tuning in from the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Ireland, India, South Korean, Iran, Pakistan, Australia, and many more. We asked audiences to “Fringe Where You Are” and they did – from around the world.

The Toronto Fringe in the past has been a very local, very Toronto-based festival, with a venue map that has been expanding in recent years but still very much located in downtown Toronto. This year our audience traffic was surprisingly broad. In fact, only 37% of our audiences were tuning in from Toronto. The rest were turning in from the rest of Ontario (26%), the rest of Canada (20%), and the world (17%). We were so pleased to welcome these new audiences to the Toronto Fringe and see them embrace this digital model, and we look forward to deepening those relationships in the years to come.

The festival and On-Demand streaming are now closed. Please read our full wrap-up press release here.