A Digital Fringe Experience

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July 1-12, 2020

The Fringe Collective features 50+ companies slated to present work at the 2020 Toronto Fringe Festival. Look forward to unique, pre-recorded video, audio, written, and interactive content that will keep the Fringe spirit alive this July!

Read the full press release here.

How were the artists selected for the Fringe Collective?

Artists who were registered to participate in the original 2020 Toronto Fringe Festival as of April 7 were offered the chance to opt-in to the Collective and share a creative offering; a slot is still available to them in the 2021 Toronto Fringe Festival.

And, in keeping with CAFF regulations, the artists and artwork of the Fringe Collective will not be curated, censored, or juried in any way. The full list of artists offerings will be available on June 17 as a downloadable PDF.

How do I access the content? How much is it?

All artists offerings will be divided into four "acts". Each act will only be available for 3 days at a time:

  • Act 1 July 1-3
  • Act 2 July 4-6
  • Act 3 July 7-9
  • Act 4 July 10-12

Add a pass to your Fringe account on the first day of each act to access the artist offerings in that section. Passes will be available via a Tip-What-You-Can model: you decided how much you can or want to tip the Collective! We suggest a tip of $13, the cost of one typical Fringe ticket.

When I tip the Collective, where does the money go?

All profits obtained by the Toronto Fringe will be split as follows: 30% of profits will support the administrative costs of the Fringe, and 70% of profits will be shared equally between all companies in the Collective.