Strategic Plan


Current as of September 2021, and updated in April 2023

The Toronto Fringe completed the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan as of August 2021. The goals and actions completed in this plan drove a growth stage for the organization. Through this growth, the Fringe deepened our connections to artists, staff, and communities.

To create the current strategic plan, the staff and board met with facilitator Theresa Smith in September 2021. In the working sessions, we re-focused the direction of the organization to navigate and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, reckon with racism and equity, and refine who we are as an organization and how we can make a difference.

The COVID-19 pandemic provided many challenges to which the Toronto Fringe rose to meet. We pivoted to create multiple digital festivals, held conferences for indie art workers, and continued to run much of our ancillary programming online. We returned to hosting in-person festivals with the 2022 Toronto Fringe Festival, and are working to rebuild the organization for a strong future of Fringe.

This Strategic Plan, although started in September 2021, has gone through multiple iterations in response to the constant changes brought about by COVID-19. The four intentions laid out below have been refined to reflect the work that we have been doing since 2021, and our strategy for the foreseeable future. There is no specific end date to this strategic plan to allow us the flexibility to respond to the changing landscape of our sector and world.

The Fringe staff and board meet regularly to work through and reassess the intentions of the current strategic plan. We will decide in the next few years on when to create a new strategic plan, depending on if we have adequately fulfilled the current plan, or if the current plan no longer serves the organization based on external factors. This strategic plan works in tandem with our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion report that was also conducted in 2021.

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