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Want to get involved in a Fringe show?

Posted on Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 at 3:30 PM

Then sign up for this resource list!

This list will be shared with the participants of the Toronto Fringe, 2017. It will be a live document that will be updated on an ongoing basis so if you need to make any changes please email me at rather than filling in the form again. If you are contacted by a Fringe artist it is up to the two parties to determine fees, hours and expectations. The Toronto Fringe is only involved in making a connection.

Click here to sign up.

2 Responses to Want to get involved in a Fringe show?

  1. Janet Kish says:

    I’d love to direct or AD for a new 2017 Fringe show. As a veteran theatre educator and now freelance artist I have reams of experience in directing and putting together a production.

  2. Fringe says:

    Lovely! The best thing to do, Janet, is to fill out the form above – where it says “click here.” Nice to hear from you!

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