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Next Stage Festival is January 4 – 15, 2017



A family is disrupted by a heinous lie. Its victims unleash their fury. Musical interludes illuminate DINK, a Canadian Tragedy spanning suburban Gatineau to war-torn Kandahar. Led by a strong ensemble featuring actors from Broadway, Stratford, Shaw and Second City Mainstage, this crime tale addresses gender, politics, class, race and power, back in the volatile year of 2009.



Venue: Factory Theatre Mainspace (125 Bathurst St.)
Length: 90 mins

Playwright/Director Caroline Azar
Featuring David Keeley, Sharon Heldt, Christy Bruce, Kris Siddiqi, Lise Cormier, Andrea Brown and Jasmine Chen
Production Design Stephan Droege
Sound Design Richard Feren
Costume Design Chantelle Laliberte
Songs C. Azar, S. Lewis, R. Feren
Dramaturgy GB Jones and Dalbir Singh
Stage Management Andrew Dollar
Production Management Andrew McAllister
Vocal Coach: Laura Burton
Movement: Anita LaSelva
Fight Direction: Anita Nittoly/Alexandra Barbarena
Publicity/PR: Sue Edworthy

Performance Schedule

Thurs Jan 8 – 7:30pm
Fri Jan 9 – 5:00pm
Sat Jan 10 – 2:30pm
Sun Jan 11 – 9:00pm
Tues Jan 13 – 9:00pm
Wed Jan 14 – 7:00pm
Thurs Jan 15 – 9:45pm
Sat Jan 17 – 7:00pm
Sun Jan 18 – 8:15pm