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The Fringe Festival is July 5 – 16th, 2017

Site-Specific Shows

All site-specific slots for Fringe 2017 are now full. Please try again next year!

Information on how to apply next year:

1) Fringe staff will screen applicants for eligibility, based on the criteria below.

2) Once eligibility has been confirmed, applicants are able to submit payment to the Fringe, at which point they will be considered participants of the festival. PLEASE NOTE: This will be confirmed on a first come first served basis, and approved eligibility does NOT confirm participation in the festival. Participation is only confirmed upon receipt of payment. Payment will not be refunded, so please make sure your site is fully secured before paying the Fringe participation fee.

Please note the Toronto Fringe is committed to accessibility across the Festival and we ask you to consider access to your site specific venue for all patrons. In 2018 all site specific venues will be accessible.

Site-Specific Criteria

  • Site-Specific theatre is created to exist in a certain place.
  • Site-Specific theatre is a performance that couldn’t take place in a traditional theatre.
  • Site-Specific theatre animates an unexpected location with performance.
  • Site-Specific theatre challenges our view of spaces and places.

What ISN’T eligible in this category?

  • Shows that should/could be performed in our regular venues.
  • Shows that use the category to bypass the lottery.
  • Shows at another venue hub (more than one show at a single Site) that don’t use the space uniquely.

What are the rules?

  1. Shows must be within the following geographic area: Dupont St. to the North, Adelaide St. to the South, University Ave. to the East and Dovercourt St. to the West. Applications outside these boundaries will only be considered under very special circumstances.
  2. To receive a Site-Specific Application, you must pre-qualify by filling in a short form that answers:
    1. Where your proposed production would take place?
    2. Why your production has to be there and how it will use the space (see criteria above)?
    3. Describe the audience experience – how this site shapes and informs the audience and their experience in a way that a traditional theatre space will not
    4. How you plan to secure the site (sites do not need to be fully confirmed prior to pre-qualification)
    5. Your contact info (name and phone number)
  3. The participation fee will be calculated on a total capacity basis.
  4. Once pre-qualified, all Fringe rules apply and you will be sent the full application and payment information.