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The Fringe Festival is July 5 – 16th, 2017

2011 Archives


Nathan Tanner Mac Donald Moment by Moment Drama, Play 50min.

A Depper Kind Of Love

Kat Leonard KAT & The MP3 Comedy, Musical 60min.

A Different Woman: a True Story of a Texas Childhood

Veronica Russell, adapted from "My First Thirty Years" by Gertrude Beasley Texpatriate Productions Drama, Play 90min.

A Gentleman’s Club Fringe Show

The Gentleman's Club The Gentleman's Club Comedy 45min.

ab intra

Amanda Acorn, Kate Nankervis, Elke Schroeder Bonne Compagnie Dance, Physical Theatre 60min.


Jenna Turk The Deep End Comedy, Drama 60min.


Aaron Rothermund Afterglow Theatre Musical, Play 55min.

Austen for the Attention-Impaired

Tali Brady Orange Wine Productions Comedy, Play 60min.


Laura Mullin and Chris Tolley EXPECT / SPARK Dance, Drama 90min.


Vanessa Smythe Hopscotch on the Rocks Comedy, Drama 55min.


Steam Powered Theatre adapted from the book 'Bloom' by Michael Lista. Steam Powered Theatre Physical Theatre, Play 60min.


Alex Kentris Pathos Theatre Company Drama, Play 80min.


Alexander Carson & Nick Martin Le Carsonage Comedy, Play 55min.

Breaking News

Brett Haynes Triangle Pi Productions Comedy 45min.

Brian Froud’s One Man Celebrity Disaster Relief Charity Benefit Awareness Telethon… Show

Jim Annan, Brian Froud, Scott Montgomery and Eric Toth Brain Fraud Productions Comedy 50min.

Brother Andre’s Heart

Linda Griffiths Duchess Productions Comedy, Play 90min.

Bursting Into Flames

Martin Dockery Martin Dockery Comedy, Drama 60min.

Can You Believe?

Roger Beck Free-Range Aristophanes Comedy 40min.

Cancer Can’t Dance Like This

Daniel Stolfi FroMast Productions Comedy, Drama 60min.

Canuck Cabaret

Paul Hutcheson, Sharon Nowlan Wog Productions Comedy, Dance 60min.

Cellar Hotel

Tony Rein, Terence Vince & Alan J. Nash Chicken Coop Theatre Musical 90min.


Patricia Allison and Kevin Michael Shea LastName FirstName Productions and Common Descent Dance, Play 60min.

Chameleon, the experience of Global Citizens

Alaine Handa A.H. Dance Company Dance, Family 60min.

Channel One

Emily James & Ishah Janssen-Faith James & JF Comedy, Physical Theatre 60min.


Christel Bartelse Dutch Girl Productions Comedy, Physical Theatre 60min.

Cinderella Afterparty

Andreja Kovac Poetry in motion Drama, Physical Theatre 40min.

death: THE MOVIE

Human Warnings Human Warnings Drama 50min.

Desperate Church Wives

Diane L. Johnstone Under the Blood Productions Comedy, Drama 60min.


Paul Charbonneau and Tyson James metamorphosis dance theatre Dance, Drama 60min.

Don Quixote

Ryan M. Sero and Aaron Joel Craig Comedy 90min.

Dungeons & Dragons, (not) The Musical

Praxis Theatre with Project Leader Aislinn Rose Praxis Theatre Drama, Sketch 360min.

ELLAmentary: A One Person Musical About Filling Out and Fitting In

Christine Aziz, Music and Lyrics by Christine Aziz and Steve Raiman Chirpy Teen Productions Comedy, Musical 45min.

Euripides’ Cyclops

adapted by the company Children of Wine Comedy, Play 40min.

Every Woman I Slept With Before I Met You

David Amito & AJ Bond Borderline Motion Pictures Comedy, Drama 55min.

everything in moderation

Rhonda Baker, Christine Birch & Tara Gaucher Christine Birch Dance, Physical Theatre 45min.

Excuse Me, Would You Like to Buy a Bar?

Wesley J. Colford Don't Panic Productions Comedy, Drama 60min.


Ensemble Theatre Symbiosis Play 60min.


Alexandra Hurley and Laura Bonang Same Brain Productions Comedy 60min.

Feathers vs Fauna

Jasmine Graham and Eroca Nicols The Collection, Lady Janitor Dance, Physical Theatre 60min.

Finally: An Epic Cycle

Sarah Cody Phone It In Productions Comedy 60min.

Flamingo Bandit: “Right in the Beak.”

Flamingo Bandit DASF Productions Comedy, Sketch 50min.

Gametes and Gonads

Jeff Leard Active Salad Productions Comedy, Physical Theatre 40min.

Get Happy

Nicholas Power, Alisha Ruiss and Company Public Gesture Productions Dance, Musical 55min.

Go F#$% Yourself (You Know What We Mean)

Ted Hollister's Cow (Terry Clement & Nikki Payne) Ted Hollister's Cow Comedy, Sketch 50min.

Gravestone Posse

The Canadian Space Opera Company The Canadian Space Opera Company Comedy, Play 50min.


Rebecca Davey & Marie-Claire Marcotte Beaver Theatre Co. Comedy, Musical 60min.

Grounded in Fantasy

P.J. Elwood Accidental Crossroads Comedy, Drama 60min.

Halcyon Youth

Michael Orlando & The Students of Givins/Shaw JPS Variation Theatre Play 25min.

Headscarf and the Angry Bitch

Zehra Fazal Zehra Fazal Comedy, Musical 60min.

Heart Strings the play

Reynold Nathaniel MOLE productions Family, Play 60min.

Here You Are

Natalia Goodwin East Meets West Productions Comedy, Drama 90min.

Holy Tranity!

Puelo Deir Raging Bull Productions Comedy, Drama 60min.


Ned Dickens Theatre Hetaerae Drama, Play 75min.


Anna Standish Blood Orange Theatre Play 60min.

I Remember Mama

Julia DeSotto Tough Titty Productions Comedy, Play 60min.

In The Trenches

Peter Sawyer and David Rutherford Sawshack Productions Comedy, Drama 50min.


Melissa Major The Cheshire Unicorn Dance, Physical Theatre 55min.

J*rking Off: A Love Story

Harvey Weissman Long Division Comedy, Drama 60min.

Jape Presents: The Grapes of Khan

Statutory Jape Statutory Jape Comedy, Sketch 55min.

Jungle 1

Urban Jungle Theatre Urban Jungle Theatre Physical Theatre, Play 60min.

Keep Tightly Closed In A Cool Dry Place

Megan Terry Lift The Lid Theatre Company Comedy, Drama 60min.

Kim’s Convenience

Ins Choi Ins Choi Comedy, Drama 90min.

La Duchesse de Langeais

Michel Tremblay Apuka Theatre Comedy, Drama 55min.

Land of The Young

Allen Hughes Land of The Young Family 50min.

Laurentina’s Funhouse

Lauren Stein Laurentina's Improv Club Comedy, Sketch 60min.

Let’s Play House

Jonathon Neville & Carlynn Reed Imagiscape Dance, Drama 57min.


Andrew Bailey Andrew Bailey Comedy, Drama 55min.

Limitless Productions

Ashima Suri Limitless Productions Dance 60min.

Little Red Riding Hood

Music: Tom Smail Words: Emma House Resonance Theatre Family, Musical 60min.

Living With Henry

Christopher Wilson Beyond Boundaries Drama, Musical 90min.

Love, Virtually

Chloe Whitehorn Working Title Artist Theatre Co. Comedy, Drama 80min.

Mark Sepic’s O.C.D. (Obsessive Creative Disorder)

Mark Sepic Mark Sepic Musical, Sketch 60min.

Mary’s Wedding

Stephen Massicotte Brantbury Fair Drama, Play 90min.

Mickey & Judy

Michael Hughes Random Hero Comedy, Musical 55min.

Misprint (1st Issue)

Lauren Toffan and Yan Li Spiel Players Comedy, Musical 60min.

Mister Baxter

Kate Fenton See Bold Productions Comedy, Drama 60min.


Shannon Bramer White Rooster Theatre Comedy, Drama 60min.

Mullet’s Make-a-Play

Jean-Paul Mullét Jean-Paul Mullét Comedy, Play 60min.


Wren Handman An Act of Pluffie Drama, Play 60min.

No Time for Dreams

The Ensemble barking birds theatre Physical Theatre, Play 55min.

Operation Impervious

Bil Antoniou Skinny Jo Productions / Port Moresby Productions Comedy, Play 90min.


Luis Fernandes Unit 102 theatre collective/The Parkdale Players Comedy, Drama 60min.

Padre X

Marc A. Moir Looking Glass Productions Drama 80min.

Pat Burtscher’s Waffle House

Pat Burtscher Our Friendly Planet Comedy, Physical Theatre 60min.

Peter ‘n Chris Save the World!

Chris Wilson and Peter Carlone Peter 'n Chris Comedy, Physical Theatre 60min.

Pitch Blond

Laura Anne Harris Katie and Pearl Productions Comedy, Drama 60min.

Queer Bathroom Monologues

Sheila L. Cavanagh Sheila L. Cavanagh Drama, Play 90min.

Quondam Dreams

Deejay Dayton Quondam Dreams Comedy, Play 50min.

Rabbit Hole

David Lindsay-Abaire The Works Department Drama 90min.

Radioactive Drag Queens from the Year 3000

Jon Hoss The Emotive Emu Incorporation Comedy 50min.

Raton Laveur

A. Crawley, D. Flemming and C. Stewart Fracas Theatre Comedy, Play 50min.

Remember, Maggy?

Carol Anne Murray and Matt Murray Maggy Productions Drama 90min.


Kendra Hughes Kinetic Elements Dance 60min.

Robbie Jensen: Live With A Vengeance

Tony Matthews and Matt Schofield OmniPath Enterprises Comedy 80min.

Romeo and Juliet…A Puppet Epic!

William "Shakey-Shake" Shakespeare, Tom McGee, and Megan Miles Shakey-Shake and Friends Comedy, Family 45min.


Nadia Ouellet Desk Rabbit Productions Comedy, Play 45min.


Edward Bond Eos Theatre Comedy, Drama 90min.

Scienceography: dances of physiology, entomology and psychology

Brittany Duggan, Susan Kendal and Krista Posyniak Pocket Alchemy Dance, Physical Theatre 56min.

Sex, Religion & Other Hang-ups

James M. Gangl Gangland Productions Comedy, Play 55min.

She Said What Happened

Carly Heffernan, Emma Hunter, Marni Van Dyk, Megan MacKeigan She Said What Comedy, Sketch 55min.

ShLong Form Improv

Jessica Coyle, Mark X. Guinn, Kevin Brenneman, Margaret Whittum Probationary Theatre Company Comedy 60min.

Shotgun Wedding

Leonard Cervantes (book), Kierscey Rand (lyrics and music) Quixotic Theatre co-produced by Carlos Bulosan Theatre Musical 60min.

So I Married a Muslim

Sandra Pascuzzi SanMan Productions Comedy 60min.

Sonnets for An Old Century

Jose Rivera Clownfire Drama 55min.

Suicide(s) in Vegas

Evan Placey MW Productions Comedy, Play 60min.


The Ensemble, with work by Jordan Tannahill, Jason Maghanoy, Haley McGee, Ryan Griffith, Darrah Teitel and Alisa Palmer The Nation of Brohams, in association with Comedy, Drama 59min.

The 5th Element

Catalyst Catalyst Dance, Family 60min.

The Accidental Death of an Anarchist by the Coward Rob Ford

Dario Fo, adapted by Matt Jones Blacklist Committee for Unsafe Theatre Comedy, Play 60min.

The Adventures of Mazel and Schlimazel

Adaptation by L. Wolf Ldub Productions Family, Play 60min.

The Billy Willy Show

Billy Willy Billy Willy Comedy, Musical 45min.

The Bright Idea

Jillian Larkin Ton O' Fun Productions Comedy, Family 40min.

The Cage

Dr. Valerie Zawilski Voices on the Wind Drama, Play 60min.

The Demonstrator

Grayson R. Moore GITA Productions Drama 80min.

The Editor

Jonathan Kline Brain Box Theatre Play 50min.

The Giant’s Garden

Peter Fenton & Scott White The Giant Collective Family, Musical 90min.

The Gingerbread Guy

Terrance Balazo and the Company Cow Over Moon Children's Theatre Family, Musical 60min.

The Godot Cycle

based on Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett Yes Let's Go Prod. Comedy, Drama 1min.


Jeff Jones Charcoal Sketch Productions Musical, Play 55min.

The LOVE Octagon

Chris Craddock and Ron Pederson Beefy Geek Productions Comedy 90min.

The Man On My Face

Neil Cameron Do These Pants Make Me Look Fat? Productions Comedy, Play 45min.

The Nature of a Bullet

Nicholas Dipchand NovelSidewalk Productions Comedy, Play 60min.

The paperbag queen performs The list of things!

Jacquie van de Geer Les yeux oranges/The orange eyes Comedy, Physical Theatre 45min.

The Premiere

Les 3 Garçons Les 3 Garçons Comedy, Physical Theatre 60min.

The Progressive Polygamists

Emmelia Gordon & Pippa Mackie Two Wrongs That Write Comedy 60min.

The Soaps-The Live Improvised Soap Opera

The National Theatre of the World The National Theatre of the World Comedy 60min.

The Society of Skeptics

Brent Wells Smash Co. Drama, Play 60min.

The Sods

Jason Thompson WSM Productions Comedy 60min.

The Sparrow and the Mouse: Creating the Music of Edith Piaf

Melanie Gall Sisterscene Productions Musical, Play 55min.

The Travelling Salesman & His Magical Suitcase of Desires!

Vincenzo Aliberti Zanni Arte Productions Comedy, Physical Theatre 60min.

Theatre by the River

Sean Reycraft Theatre by the River Comedy, Drama 60min.

Theme Park

David Jacobson David Jacobson Comedy, Play 60min.

Through the Tulips

Naomi Tessler Branch Out Theatre Comedy, Drama 60min.

Tiki Bikini Beach Paradise Party A-Go-Go

Allison Beula Allison Beula Productions Comedy, Musical 60min.

Total Verrückt!

Joanna Caplan. Developed in association with Double Edge Theatre Residency Program No More Masterpieces Drama, Physical Theatre 60min.

Trotsky & Hutch: On Patrol

Impatient Theatre Co. Impatient Theatre Co. Comedy, Play 50min.

Tyumen, Then

Adam Underwood October Theatre Play 60min.

Uncalled For presents: Hypnogogic Logic

Uncalled For Uncalled For Comedy 60min.

Video-Games: The Musical

Noah Langer Izak Anger Productions Comedy, Musical 60min.

Village of Idiots

Dan Bell, Craig Dean & Mark McIntyre Auto Reverse Theatre Co. Comedy, Drama 45min.

Virginia Aldridge, BSc

Elise Newman quoi quoi quoi Play 45min.

Visa Called this Morning

Jen Gallant JJ Money Productions Comedy, Play 60min.

Wanda T. Grimsby: Detective Extraordinaire

Melissa Major Little Monsters and Ax-Ent Comedy, Play 45min.

War of the Clowns

Mark Brownell Pea Green Theatre Group Comedy, Play 60min.


Kat Edwards Paper Plaid Drama 90min.

When Harry Met Harry

Allan Girod flaming locomotive productions Comedy, Physical Theatre 55min.

William Shakespeare’s Beauty and the Beast

Matt McCready The RS Stole our Culture and Production Company Comedy, Play 50min.

Wishes Are Horses

Peter Bloch-Hansen Trumpeter Productions Comedy 40min.