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The Fringe Festival is July 5 – 16th, 2017

2010 Archives


Melissa James Gibson Theatre Best/Before Comedy, Play 75 mins.

1/4 Life Crisis

Alison Lynne Ward 8 Monkeys Comedy, Play 60 mins.

2-Man No-Show-2

Ken Hall Isaac Kessler ZeekTech Productions Comedy 60 mins.

52 Pieces

Kathleen Edwards Paper Plaid Comedy 60 mins.

A Freudian Slip of the Jung

Sean Fisher Suga Jam Entertainment Comedy, Play 60 mins.

A Rush of Blood to the Head

Spencer Smith WatersEdge Productions Drama, Play 60 mins.


David Straus Large Dog Theatre Comedy, Play 60 mins.

Act Now!

Book by Rachel Brittain Lyrics by Daniel Cummings Music by Daniel Abrahamson Proper Entertainment Musical 60 mins.

Afternoon Tea With Jane Austen

Tali Brady Orange Wine Productions Drama, Play 60 mins.

All Or None

Andrew Hanna and Kristoffer Pedlar Handlar Productions Comedy, Play 75 mins.

Almost, Again.

Briana Brown go go go Comedy, Play 50 mins.

Amy Zuch’s Key to Key

Amy Zuch Combustive Theatre 60 mins.

An Evening with Tammy Faye

Shannon McDonough Twitchin Productions Drama, Play 60 mins.


Daniel Nimmo Daniel Nimmo Comedy, Play 60 mins.

Asiansploitation Spanks the Tiger

Asiansploitation Asiansploitation Sketch 75 mins.

Barfly on the Wall

James Gangl & Carmine Lucarelli CarGang Comedy, Play 50 mins.

Being at Home with Claude

written by René-Daniel Dubois translated by Linda Gaboriau Hiroic Productions Drama 90 mins.

Big In Germany

Rob Salerno Ten Foot Pole Productions Comedy, Play 60 mins.


Choreographer: Julie Grant, with collaborative input from members of random acts of dance. random acts of dance Dance 60 mins.

Bosco & Jones

Brett McCaig & Racheal McCaig Fence Post Productions Musical 60 mins.


Megan Benjafield Vocusviolin Musical 60 mins.

Brothers And Arms

Steven Jackson The World Is A Dance Productions Drama, Play 90 mins.

Cactus: The Seduction…

Created and Performed by Jonno Katz Jonno Katz - Epicworlds Comedy, Play 60 mins.

Come Tumbling Down

Blain Watters Theatre in the Red Comedy, Drama 55 mins.


Steven Gallagher Next Step Productions Comedy, Play 60 mins.

Dale Beaner and the Turtle Boy

Devon Hyland & Connor Thompson Big Cat Facial Cream Productions Comedy, Play 60 mins.

Dance Animal Presents: Dance Animal

Dance Animal Dance Animal Comedy, Dance, Play 60 mins.

Dating in a Disposable World

Zalia Joi with contribution of James McKibbin. Music written Rod Christian & Zalia Joi, David Hyams, Stardust & Heavens. Zee Cre8tive 80 mins.

Dead Cat Bounce

Catherine Frid Watercourse Theatre Comedy, Play 60 mins.

Death Ray Cabaret

Kevin Matviw and Brad Sayeau DRC Productions Sketch 60 mins.

Die Roten Punkte – KUNST ROCK (ART ROCK)

Otto & Astrid Rot Die Roten Punkte Comedy 60 mins.

Dinosaur Ego

Alex Carter Bugs in Amber Comedy, Play 80 mins.

Double Double

Maya Rabinovitch Caterwaul Theatre Comedy, Play 60 mins.

Eternal Eclipse

Choreographer: Kendra Hughes Kinetic Elements Dance 60 mins.

Eternal Eclipse

Choreographer: Kendra Hughes Kinetic Elements Dance 60 mins.

Eternal Friendship With A Spotless Smile

Matt McCready Nellhouse Productions Comedy, Play 45 mins.

Eve’s Garden

Dorothy Lichtblau Moon In June Productions Comedy, Play 60 mins.

Evelyn Reese’s Walking Tour

Susan Fischer Miss Reese Productions 45 mins.

Everybody Panic!

Marcel Dragonieri, Chris Berube, Jocelyn Geddie, Brandon Hackett, Ann Pornel Chris & Bran Sketch 60 mins.

Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Women: For Dummies

Dwayne Morgan, Tomy Bewick and Leviathan Grant The Dream Chasers Comedy 60 mins.


Michael Posner aperian stage co. Comedy, Play 57 mins.

Fairy Tale Ending

Music and Lyrics by Kieren MacMillan & Jeremy Hutton Book by Jeremy Hutton Roll Your Own Theatre Musical 60 mins.


Kristofer Van Soelen Apocryphal Productions Musical 75 mins.

FRUITCAKE – Ten Commandments from the Psych Ward

Rob Gee Rob Gee Comedy 60 mins.


Simon Esler Intelligent Infinity Drama 60 mins.

Georgia & Leona

Misha Bower In the Room Productions Drama, Play 90 mins.

Giving Into Light

Alison Wearing dancingstorysinger Drama, Play 60 mins.

Goodnight, Amherst

James Fanizza Teatro Comunque Drama, Play 60 mins.


Written by Tanya Elchuk with original music by Amy Crnkovic. Tanya Elchuk Comedy, Play 45 mins.


David Lennon Take Me There Productions Drama, Play 60 mins.

How Coyote Was Swallowed by the Sandia Mountains

Anna Roth Trowbridge One Foot Wet Theatre Drama, Play 60 mins.

It’s Raining in Barcelona

by Pau Miró translated by Sharon G. Feldman Bundle of JOY productions Drama, Play 60 mins.


Matt Riley & Ethan Cole Titans Having Brunch Drama, Play 40 mins.

Jack Frost

by Terrance Balazo and the Company Cow Over Moon Theatre Musical 60 mins.

Jean et Béatrice

Carole Fréchette Les Productions Coup de foudre 60 mins.

Joe White and the Seven Divorcees

Book by John Mitchell Music & Lyrics by Brock Simpson Brock & John Productions Musical 60 mins.

Just the Ticket

Written by Eric Regimbald, based on a sketch by John Jacob and Eric Regimbald JR Entertainment Comedy, Play 60 mins.

Killing Game

Eugene Ionesco Randolph Entertainment Comedy, Physical Theatre 90 mins.

Kissing Swinburne

Mark Huisman and Claire Frances Muir Lady Trevelyan's Circle 65 mins.


Joe Hamilton Next Play Theatre Company Drama, Play 60 mins.

Lambs In Winter

Ray Rivers Riverslea Productions Comedy, Play 90 mins.

LASCIVIA: Life, Love, Laughter

Angèle Morgan Outnumbered Productions Musical 60 mins.

Leacock Live!

adapted for stage by Vrenia Ivonoffski Act II Studio Comedy, Play 60 mins.

Life Games

Ten Toes collaborative creation Ten Toes Dance 50 mins.


Collectively created. Ensemble21 Drama, Play 60 mins.

Like Bees and Honey

Neale Kimmel Pretty Little Liars Productions Drama, Play 60 mins.

Love is a Poverty You Can Sell

Original Material written by Justin Haigh. Featuring the Music of Kurt Weill and others. Soup Can Theatre Musical 90 mins.

Lucky 9

TJ Dawe Big Sandwich Productions Drama, Play 60 mins.

Luster was here

Paul Robinson & Vanessa Smythe Pillowcase Productions Drama, Play 60 mins.


Created by Rachelle Elie & Adam Lazarus Crowning Monkey Comedy, Play 60 mins.

Maude-Lynne Sells Out!

by Morgan Norwich and Johnnie Walker, original music by Peter Cavell Nobody's Business Theatre Comedy, Play 60 mins.

Maurice Carter’s Innocence

by Donald Molnar & Alicia Payne Arbez Drama Projects Drama, Play 90 mins.

Me, My Stuff and I: A Multimedia Comedy

Barry Smith Barry Smith Comedy 60 mins.


Creator - Linette Doherty Maya and Jackson Dance 60 mins.

Misadventures of a Massage Therapist

Jason Brasher Abstract Theatre Productions Comedy 60 mins.

Morro and Jasp GONE WILD

Written and Created by Amy Lee, Heather Marie Annis and Byron Laviolette U.N.I.T. Productions (Up Your Nose and In Your Toes Productions) Comedy, Play 60 mins.

New Talent

Brian Morton (I normally make this one line as in - Written and Directed by Brian Morton Theatre Erebus Inc. Drama, Play 60 mins.

Oh (it is love)

Nadia Ouellet Desk Rabbit Comedy, Play 45 mins.

One Eyes, Two Eyes, Three Eyes

Nicole McQueen Upside Down Frown Productions Comedy, Play 30 mins.

ONEymoon ( A Honeymoon for One)

Christel Bartelse & Jimmy Hogg Dutch Girl Productions Comedy, Play 60 mins.

Oy! Just Beat It!

Anita Majumdar Theatre Ji Comedy, Play 60 mins.

Phone Whore

Cameryn Moore Cameryn Moore Comedy, Drama 55 mins.

Pick of the Fringe!

Created and Performed by: Karen Parker Leslie Seiler Ashley Botting Punch In the Box Productions Sketch 60 mins.

Poison the Well

Andrew Connor Elison Zasko Inc. Drama, Play 60 mins.

Project: Protection

Conceived and written by Julia Lefebvre Movement invention by Jesse Dell, Julia Lefebvre and Shannon Litzenberger JumpIn Stage Productions Dance 45 mins.

Psycho Bitch

Tamara Lynn Robert P.k. Pin Up Productions Comedy, Play 60 mins.

Psycho Bitch

Tamara Lynn Robert P.k. Pin Up Productions Comedy, Play 60 mins.


Chris Craddock Beefy Geek Productions Comedy, Play 60 mins.

Purely Cabaret

Esby Kabarett Productions 75 mins.

Raven for a Lark

Elise Newman quoi quoi quoi Drama, Play 45 mins.


Una Aya Osato Keep It Movin' Productions Play 60 mins.

Relentless Sketch Comedy

Chuck Armstrong and Charlie Stockman Charles Sketch 60 mins.

Rochdale: Livin’ The Dream

Scott Cavalheiro, Breanne Ritchie, Christopher Rodriguez Hey, How Ya Been? Comedy, Play 60 mins.

Round Trip

Cara Brostrom and Shannon Roszell Canary Yellow Collective 45 mins.

Route 66: an American Guitar Trek

Colin Godbout Colin Godbout Musical 60 mins.

S&P and Sega Geniuses Vs. The World

S&P Sega Geniuses Zoot Zoot Productions 60 mins.

Saucy Jack

doug mclauchlan tethersend productions Drama, Play 60 mins.

Seven of Us

Music and Lyrics by Brian Goldenberg Book by Brian Goldenberg and Jean-Paul Yovanoff Goldenberg Productions Musical 90 mins.

Sex, Drugs & the Holy Ghost

Diane Johnstone Under the Blood Productions Comedy, Play 60 mins.

Short Story Long

joel fishbane A Literary Tour de Force Drama, Play 90 mins.


Matthew MacKenzie Pyretic Productions Drama, Play 60 mins.

SLINGERS – the musical

Morgan Davidoff COMA Musical 60 mins.

Spider Baby the musical

Enrique Acosta based on a Script by Jack Hill AFS entertainment Musical 90 mins.


Artistic director - Audra Simmons Lavish Dance Company Dance 60 mins.

Suddenly Mommy!

Anne Marie Scheffler Perfectly Norma Productions 60 mins.

Teaching Shakespeare

Keir Cutler Doctor Keir Co. Comedy, Play 50 mins.

The Aquarium

Regan Macaulay & Allison McWood Good Egg Productions Comedy, Play 90 mins.

The Big Lie

Warren MacDonald and Ryan Sero Audeamus Drama, Play 60 mins.

The Blackheart Princess

Nelson Yu Sunny Leo Productions Musical 50 mins.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Aesop/Created by the Company Two Wolves Theatre Productions Comedy, Play 30 mins.

The Carnegie Hall Show!

All of them. The National Theatre of the World 60 mins.

The Cat of Kensington

Kirsten Harvey Cats in the Cradle Productions Musical 45 mins.

The Centre of Everything Civilised

Kate Werneburg Winterbird Drama, Play 35 mins.

The Complex: A Toronto Tale

by jack grinhaus Bound to Create Theatre Comedy, Drama 75 mins.

The Dentist

Chaim Marin and Razia Israely Razia Israely Drama, Play 70 mins.

The Devil and Billy Markham

Shel Silverstein Chaos Theory Theatre Company Comedy, Play 60 mins.

The Domino Effect

Choreography by: Alias Dance Project, Solid State Breakdance and Valerie Calam Andrea Spaziani Dance 60 mins.

The Duck Wife

Lyrics: Ted Strauss and Justin Maxwell Theater Direction: Taliesin McEnaney Inertia Productions Musical 60 mins.

The Flying Avro Arrow Musical Comedy

Doug Warwick Fly Avro Arrow Musical 75 mins.

The Four Minute Mile

Kevin Morris Theatre Symbiosis Drama, Play 60 mins.

The Getaway

Bruce Hunter Dumigod Comedy, Play 50 mins.

The Joker

Jason John Whitehead Jason John Whitehead Comedy 60 mins.

The Last Buffalo

Andrew Lee (Playwright) Paraphrased Productions Drama, Play 60 mins.

The Making Of

Created & Directed by Michael Murphy, written by The Ensemble Modern Underground Comedy, Play 60 mins.

The Naked Ballerina

Sarah Murphy-Dyson Mia Productions Drama, Play 60 mins.

The New Adventures Of Jack And The Beanstalk

Adaptation and Lyrics by Zenon Skrzypczyk Music by Martyn Skrzypczyk Solar Stage Children's Theatre Musical 60 mins.

The Nile

Conor Green Bear Co. Comedy, Play 60 mins.

The Plank

Femmes du Feu (Holly Treddenick and Sabrina Pringle) Femmes du Feu Dance 60 mins.

The Silent City

Stagehands Stagehands Musical 60 mins.

The Waves… first tide

By Virginia Woolf; adapted for the stage by Brenley Charkow Harley Dog Productions Drama, Play 55 mins.

The Whores

Charles Crosby FishStick Productions Drama, Play 75 mins.

This is About the Push

Rachel Blair Seventh Stage Productions Drama, Play 60 mins.


R.J.Downes Magmoe Media Comedy, Drama 85 mins.

Tired Wave Stop

Written by Steve Boleantu Dramaturged by Roger Bainbridge Brave Face Theatre Comedy, Play 45 mins.

To Distraction

Michael Ripley Theatre Rattlebag Drama, Play 85 mins.


Glyn Bowerman Banquo's Banquet Drama, Play 60 mins.


Created and Performed by Rachelle Fordyce Rachelle Fordyce 60 mins.

Under Analyze Me

Choreographed and Performed by Aria Evans and Candice Irwin The Go Two Company Dance 60 mins.

Under the Mango Tree

Veenesh Dubois Veenesh Dubois Productions Drama, Play 90 mins.

Underbelly Diaries REDUX

Aaron Berg APB productions Comedy, Play 90 mins.

Vagina Dialogues: the Musical

author: elizabeth jackson betterjam Musical 60 mins.

Waiting for André

John Arthur Sweet Hard Times 60 mins.

Wanted, If Not Wed

Jennifer Gillespie Zinnia Productions Comedy, Play 60 mins.

Wedding Night In Canada

Francine Dick Parkdale Theatre Troupe Comedy, Play 45 mins.

Weight Loss World

Chris Michael Burns Theatre Under Pressure Comedy, Play 60 mins.


David Brock WORKhouse Theatre Drama, Play 75 mins.

Wisdom: Part One

Jimmy Hogg Jimmy Hogg Comedy 60 mins.

word! sound! powah!: a biomyth monodrama

d'bi.young anitafrika! dub theatre Drama, Play 60 mins.

You & Me and Me & You

created by Kirsten Marie Rasmussen and Dan Jeannotte hearts4noses 60 mins.