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The Fringe Festival is July 5 – 16th, 2017

2009 Archives

2-Man No-Show

Zeek Tech Productions

36 Little Plays About Hopeless Girls

Birdtown and Swanville

A Crack in the Ceiling

pivotal(arts) theatre company inc.

A Singularity of Being

Quantum Coop

A Tranny Tale

Theatre In The Raw Productions

Address To The Jury

Proximate Cause


Sunset Gun Productions


Pandaterian Plays

Ancient Woods

Land of The Young

And the Rabbit runs…

Joseph C. Choueiri


Frontal Lobe Productions

As You Puppet

Hank's Toy Box Theatre

Bad Skater, Good Hands

Plain Language Theatre

BAGS: Obsessions of a Hoardaholic

Lee Michael Buckman

Because I Can

Mad Frau Productions

Bert and I

Maine Event Productions

Big Sexy

Infinite Furnace Productions

Bingo: The Show

Last Minute Decision Productions

Blind to Happinesss…

Tim C. Murphy

Brazil Nuts

Watson Arts

Brigitte’s Bardo

Lumino Productions

Build a Bridge and Get Over it

Broadway Productions


Chaos Collective


Burning Passions Theatre

Charlie is Having a Baby

Promise Productions

Chicken Licken

Cow Over Moon

Church Street, walk the talk

Under The Blood Productions


Cabbage Under Heavy Fire


The Dancing Cock Brothers

Code Blue

The Quickening Theatre

Crazy Pussy

Gwen Penn Productions

Crown Hill Cemetery

Creative Evolution

Dancing in My Unbirthday Suit

Inertia Productions


Peanutfish Productions

Dirty Girls

Knockabout Theatre Co.

Donny’s Day

Fin Works

Down to the Underwire

Juice Box Productions

Dracula in a Time of Climate Change

Blacklist Committee for Unsafe Theatre

Earth-Bound Angel

Perfect Pair Productions


The Emotive Emu Incorporation

Fish Face

Gin-Cat Productions

Good Place For A Factory!

Corry Sobol Productions


Meems Inc.

Harper Girl Does Canada

Ironic Curtain Media

Head First

Femmes Du Feu

Heart Times: A Musical 

Dirty City People


Artists' Play Dance Theatre

Hipcheck The Musical

Torrent Productions

How to Become a Diva

Imaginal Films

How to Make a Mix Tape

Alias Dance Project

I am not Neil Young, the musical

Don Lamoreux Productions

I Will Not Hatch!

Pregnant Pause Theatre

Icarus Redux

Open Season Theatre

In a Magic Kingdom

Sansregret Productions


Fairly Lucid Productions

It’s Just a Phase

Gregarious Productions

Jem Rolls’ Leastest Flops

big word performance poetry

Joe: The Perfect Man

Crowning Monkey

Just East of Broadway

GIG Productions

Killing Kevin Spacey

Wolf Productions

Kipling’s Just So Stories

Deodar Productions

L’Enfant et L’Homme

Le Phenix Bleu

Last Dance

Red Fox Entertainment

Like a Virgin

Jimmy Hogg


Leda Serene films

Love and Human Extinction

Wide Out Loud Productions


Eyewitness Theatre Company


.Maybe. Presents

MC Jabber & Friends: A Solo Show

Eyes Glaze Over Productions

Michael in Primetime

Enlightenment Theatre

Morro and Jasp do Puberty

Up Your Nose And In Your Toes Productions

Moving Along

Beefy Geek Productions

My Name is Shelby, I Like Bugs

thirDBase productions


synnerz 'n Saints Ink

Naughty Little Children

Anna Blume Projects


Frangipani Productions

Our Asylum


Out of Character

In the Moment Theatre

Pen Pals

Atomic Johnson Productions

Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

The Pheasant Plucker's Mates

Puck Bunny

Sheep in Fog

Quarter Life Calamity

Nick Aiello Entertainment

QuarterLife the Musical

Feisty Fairy Productions

Red Bastard

Red Bastard

Red Wine Teeth

Girl Has Gall Productions

Returning to Lillith

Seventh Circle Theatre

Rock Time 2009

Billy & Eclipse


Fool Productions

Sara Hennessey Town

Sara Hennessey

Saucy Wenches in the Trenches

2 Hot Blonde Divas

Scaredy Kat

Wee Ones Theatre Company


Rapid Fire Theatre

Shadows in Bloom

Gemma Wilcox

Some Kind of Hero

Bulletproof/ Sentimental Hygiene Theatre

Spiral Dive (Episode 1)


Straight. From That Side of Town

Catherine Montgomery

Take you with me

Aspen Switzer

The Accident

Jonno Katz - Epicworlds

The Art of Being a Bastard

MurFolk Productions and Norse Force Five Productions

The Art of Listening

Southern Mirrors

The Discovery of Scatterpopia

Wobble Top Productions

The Emergency Monologues

Drinking Well

The Fever

Gitel Productions

The Good Thief

flaming locomotive

The Hollow Show

Mercenary Dance Theatre

The Importance of Being Earnest

Manchester Central Theatre Company

The Indian Wants The Bronx

Doghouse Riley Productions

The Keeper’s Secret

Rhymes with Orange Productions

The King’s Conscience

Jedi Theatrics

The Laramie Project

Theatre Western

The List

Quartetto Virago

The Parker and Seville Show

Parker and Seville

The Particulars

Second Body Productions

The Sicilian

Nicolas Billon & Lee Wilson

The Silver Stage

Bloor Cinema

The Sleuth Sisters

HARMONY Theatre Company & School

The Universal Wolf

Thought for Food

The Venus Way

Controlled Disorder

This is the thing

Charcoal Sketch Productions

Tim Buck 2

Praxis Theatre



TransCanada Quest ’69

Attunement Productions


AX-S Dance


Martin Dockery

Weaverville Waltz

Randy Rutherford presents

Worlds End

Wednesday Night Productions

Zdenka Now!

Porcelain Penelope Productions