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The Fringe Festival is July 5 – 16th, 2017

Release the Stars: The Ballad of Randy and Evi Quaid

Fringe 2012

Location (site-specific): SIX20SEVEN Gallery, 627 Queen St. W.

Dear Canadian Friends,
Thank you for letting us know that we are not in this alone. There’s just a quick item of business that we need to address: this doesn’t end well. Sorry to scare everyone, we’re in Canada now, so sorry sorry…but this won’t end well. That said, we will be serving cheese.
With love from your fave Hollywood refugees,
The Quaids

By: Amanda Barker and Daniel Krolik
Company: God is in the Dairy
Company origin: Toronto, ON
Director: Jack Grinhaus
Cast: Amanda Barker and Daniel Krolikdramaturgy by Megan Mooney

Warnings: Sexual Content, Mature Language, Audience Participation


Site Specific

Show times

July 4th at 9:00 PM
July 5th at 7:00 PM
July 6th at 4:30 PM
July 8th at 8:00 PM
July 9th at 7:00 PM
July 10th at 9:00 PM
July 11th at 7:00 PM
July 12th at 9:00 PM
July 13th at 4:30 PM
July 14th at 8:00 PM

Show length: 60min.

Genre(s): Comedy, Drama

This performance is not accessible for non-English speakers

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