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The Fringe Festival is July 5 – 16th, 2017


Fringe 2016

Ryan Dillon just wants you to be happy, and it’s making him miserable. In a lifelong quest to please everyone around him, Ryan takes us through the many hilarious & awkward moments that pushed him to the brink of collapse. From a traumatic event at a movie rental store, to why carrots haunt him, Ryan will make you realize that you just can’t please everyone.

PATRON’S PICK (Sunday July 10th at 7.30pm)

By: Ryan Dillon
Company: White Frames Productions
Company origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Director: Ciarán Dyke

Warnings: Mature Language



Tarragon Theatre Solo Room

Show times

June 30th at 7:45 PM
July 2nd at 3:15 PM
July 3rd at 6:15 PM
July 5th at 10:15 PM
July 6th at 6:30 PM
July 7th at 2:45 PM
July 8th at 8:45 PM
July 9th at 4:30 PM
July 10th at 7:30 PM

Show length: 55min.

Genre(s): Comedy, Storytelling

This performance is not accessible for non-English speakers

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