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The Fringe Festival is July 5 – 16th, 2017

Fundraiser Shows

Toronto Fringe is a grassroots, non-profit charity. Our mission is to provide artists with an accessible and supportive platform to present their art to a wider community. The Fringe, like all charities, must find ways to raise funds to sustain its programs. We do this in many ways: by cultivating private donations and sponsorships, by hosting parties, and even by selling the tasty beverages you consume in the Fringe Club. Another way the Fringe raises funds is by presenting six yearly Fundraiser Shows. Each year, three Fringe slots are offered to youth/teen-led initiatives (Paprika Festival, Randolph Academy and others) and three slots are offered to Fringe veteran companies. These partners do not have to enter the lottery or pay an application fee and the net box office is split 70/30 in favour of participating artists.

Although these shows are outside of the typical lottery process, we know that it is in the best interests of all Fringe artists to have a properly funded, sustainable organization. Please also note that we do not highlight these shows in the program or online, thus allowing all Fringe shows to have equal reach.

Anyone who wishes to be considered for a Fundraiser Show can contact us at any time. Please email