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The Whos and Whats of The Toronto Fringe

Fund What You Can


Toronto Fringe’s Crowdfunding Platform!


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What is Fund What You Can (FWYC)?

Fund What You Can (FWYC) is a fundraising resource created and run by the Toronto Fringe Festival. It has been made to suit the needs to independent artists from across Canada, in any artistic discipline.

What Sets FWYC Apart?

This platform, like the Fringe Festival, is tailor made for the needs independent Canadian artists.  FWYC offers the lowest platform fees, with 100% of our fees going back to supporting the arts, and a choice of campaigns! We also offer free crowdfunding workshops to assist you with all your crowdfunding needs!!

How it Works ….

Anyone who has an indie arts project can join FWYC! Are you a dancer with a show in mind? Have you gotten into a Fringe festival? Are you a musician recording an album? Then create a campaign at, choose between a “Keep What you Make” or “All or Nothing” campaign, and start making money!

What People Say About Us?

When I signed up for FWYC, I honestly didn’t know if I could reach the goal I’d set. I signed up mainly for the experience. But after only one week I was 80% of the way to my funding goal. I am amazed at the amount of money that has been donated and by the number of people who have chosen to support me. All because I asked. The really incredible thing is that now that my supporters are sharing my campaign through social media, people I haven’t even asked are making donations. It just seems to be snowballing!Stephanie Fowler, Sandcastle Theatre

So …. How Do I Get Started?

Visit or contact Lindsay at

Click here to start a campaign