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The Whos and Whats of The Toronto Fringe

Theatre Creators’ Reserve Grants

Applications are now closed. Thanks to all who applied.

Area of Interest/Priority:

We are interested in supporting unique, innovative, and unexpected methods of storytelling. We will consider artists and artist collaborations using any range of creative processes (script writing or otherwise) in the development of new theatre or dance.


Kelly Straughan, Executive Director
Lucy Eveleigh, Managing Director
Claire Wynveen, Communications Manager
Cody McCallum, Development Manager

Application Details:

The Toronto Fringe can offer up to $11,000 in Creators’ Reserve grants overall; the minimum amount that can be allotted per application is $1000 and the maximum is $5000.

Please apply on-line. Click here to apply. 

Please include the following in your application to the Toronto Fringe:

  1. The OAC Theatre Creators’ Reserve Application form (found on the OAC’s website)
  2. A two page artistic statement that details the intentions and creative goals of the project. Please clearly indicate in this artistic statement the amount of funding you are requesting.
  3. A basic budget for the project (max 1 page)
  4. A basic timeline for the project (max 1 page)
  5. Bios and/or CVs for core artists or company members
  6. A script sample of the project you are applying with OR a synopsis of what you intend the project to become (max 10 pages – doesn’t have to be the first ten pages)

The program guidelines and applications form are available on the OAC website.  Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting your application.

Please contact for more information or call 416-966-1062.